Silva scores 30 points in debut

GS Caltex women’s volleyball’s Giselle Silva had a strong V-League debut. She scored 30 points to end the match in three sets. GS Caltex swept Jungkwanjang 3-0 in straight sets in the first match of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League season at home in Jangchung Gymnasium.

“I was nervous and anxious, but I’m happy with my performance,” Silva told reporters after the match. I think I did a good job with my preparation,” he smiled. He also expressed his hope that he could do better in the next match.

GS Caltex head coach Cha Sang-hyun was also full of praise. “As I watched, I thought, ‘She’s really good at volleyball,’” he said. “She’s a very experienced player, so she didn’t look nervous at all. The rest of the team was able to rely on her to run the game.” “He’s a big guy, so he might look a little slow to the eye, but he has a really good swing speed. His instantaneous speed is as fast as our team’s (Kang) So-hwi. Please write that,” he laughed.

Silva had 47.96% of the offensive possessions on the day and scored 30 points with a 53.19% success rate. “I think in any league, foreign players should have more responsibility and more offensive possessions than national players,” he said. “I’ve heard the stories, but the defense was so good that I could hear ‘Mamma Mia’. I knew I had to attack really hard to finish the rally.” Silva is a dual Cuban-Azerbaijani citizen. There are many Cuban players currently playing in the V-League, including Leo (OK Financial Group) and Yosvani (Samsung Fire) in the men’s game.

Silva says, “When I found out I was going to Korea, everyone contacted me. I heard so many stories about how hard it is to play volleyball in Korea. I didn’t realize it, but after today, I know it’s really hard.”

On the day, Silva had nine kills on back attacks and three on blocks. She also had two service aces. Silva’s powerful spike serve was so powerful that the Jungkwanjang defense was unable to respond to it. GS Caltex scored easily. “I think my serve is my best weapon,” said Silva, “I always feel confident when I serve, whether I’m winning or losing. Concentration and confidence are the keys to a powerful serve.”

Her husband and 34-month-old daughter cheered her on at Jangchung Gymnasium. Silva’s daughter, Siana, has already earned the affection of GS Caltex players. Even before the game, several players waved and greeted Siana as she waited in the stands for her 바카라사이트 mom to play. “The managers, coaches, teammates, and managers have done a lot to make sure that me, my husband, and my daughter are comfortable in Korea,” Silva said, adding, “Unlike other countries, we live in a hostel, so they do a lot to make us feel at home.”

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