Shin Yubin and Jeon Jeon-hee compete in Asian Games Women’s Doubles

The Asian Games Women’s Doubles is going to feature Shin Yubin and Jeon Jeon-hee!

Yubin Shin improves her conditioning by practicing her long backhand drive.

Jeon Jeon-hee continues her intense training with a breathless rally with her male training partner.

The 12-year-old “batchmate” duo, who have risen to No. 1 in the women’s doubles world rankings, are showing off their chemistry.

[Shin Yubin/Table Tennis: “This is my first Asian Games and I’m really excited to play doubles with my sister, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we play in the stadium.”]

[Jeon Jeon-hee/ National Table Tennis Team: “I think we keep going with (positive) thoughts like, ‘It’s really okay if I make a mistake’ and ‘What if I give up one point?”]

Shin Yubin-Jeon Hee became the first South Korean pair to reach the women’s doubles final at the World Championships in 36 years, and have been touted as the next Hyun Jung Hwa-Yang.

With more international wins under their belt, their confidence has only grown heading into the Hangzhou Asian Games.

[Jeon Jeon-hee/Table Tennis National Team: “Yoo Bin is playing the role of Korea’s table tennis ace this time around, and she’s been under a lot of stress, so her acne has come up. I hope she doesn’t get sick, does her best, and enjoys her first Asian Games.”]

[Shin Yubin / Korea Table Tennis Team: “I will trust my sister and do everything I can, so I hope we can do well together.”]

As the present and future of women’s table tennis, Shin’s determination is even more remarkable.

After watching badminton’s Ahn Se-young win and admiring her, 카지노사이트킴 Shin vowed to make the Asian Games her stage by competing in singles and mixed doubles.

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