“Second place in the regular season? I won’t give up”: Ahn’s basketball has no quit in it

SK’s recipe for success, the ‘Anglo-American effect’.

Seoul SK’s Ahn Young-joon (28, 196 cm) had 15 points, two rebounds, and one assist in SK’s 105-76 victory over the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis of the 2023-2024 Korean Basketball Association at Jamsil Student Gymnasium 온라인카지노 on Friday.

SK has experienced two “Young-Mi effects” this season. The first was the discharge of Ahn Young-joon. With Ahn back in the fold after his military service, SK went on a 12-game winning streak with increased spacing and solid defense. The second was Ahn’s return from injury. After being sidelined with a torn knee ligament, Ahn returned one day later and scored 10 points or more in three consecutive games, playing both offense and defense. “We had a good game last time,” he said after the win, “and it’s good that we improved a lot before going to Cebu and that the team came together as a unit.

As for SK’s improvement after the break, he said, “When (Oh) Jae-hyun and (Choi) Won-hyuk were both able to shoot, the opponent’s defense went deeper. I think that made it easier for us to play the basketball game wider and easier,” he said, giving credit to his teammates.

With Kim Sun-hyung’s return, SK is close to full strength. “Sun-hyung (Kim) hasn’t come back yet. I think we’ll know our true strength when he comes back. Also, we need to get something from the remaining games to be a strong team,” he vowed.

This season, SK is combining the regular season with the East Asian Super League (EASL). Ahn is more comfortable in the EASL: “In the regular league, there is a lot of defensive pressure, which makes it difficult to get shots off. On the other hand, in the EASL, there’s less defensive pressure, so it’s more fun to play and sometimes the opponent’s power analysis is not correct,” he said.

Even though the team qualified for the playoffs regardless of the remaining games, Ahn’s dreams didn’t stop. “The coach and players didn’t give up on second place. If Seon-hyung comes back, we will aim for second place for the rest of the games.” As the sixth round draws to a close, SK will be looking for the third ‘Anglo-American effect’.

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