Sangmyung University had a training session on Jeju Island for five nights and six days from the 21st to the 26th.

Konkuk University and Osaka National University of Technology held an exchange match on Jeju Island, and Sangmyung University also joined them for a practice match.토토사이트

Kwon Soon-woo (188 centimeters, G), the captain of Sangmyung University, said, “I gained a lot from this winter training. Overall, I have been doing well in defense and team play. My physical strength has improved, and I have realized what I should do and what I should not do. All I have to do is do well in team play and when I do it (in attack), I do it well. But I have to do it a lot in defense, rebound, and do bad things for my team. If I show it or do it alone, it will negatively affect my team, so I should not do it.”

Sangmyung University also went to a training camp in Japan in mid-January. It was the first time that Kwon Soon-woo moved by plane since he entered Sangmyung University.

Kwon Soon-woo said, “It’s good. I’ve only seen other teams go, but it’s good that we’re doing it, too.”

If a team has prepared for this season at a new training site and the contents of games are not good enough for this season, the team can engage in off-season training as it was supposed to. At least for younger players, the team should display good performance in this year’s games.

“The content of the game is important, but the result is also important, so I want to have a winning game,” Kwon Soon-woo said. “The off-season training in Japan and Jeju Island did not help. As I faced various teams, I improved a lot.”

Kwon Soon-woo, who started basketball in Hamdeok Elementary School, Jeju, graduated from Gunsan Middle School and Gunsan High School. It is the first time that Kwon had a field training in Jeju Island since his junior high school.

Kwon Soon-woo said, “It’s the first time since middle school that I’ve had winter training on Jeju Island. I was excited,” adding, “My friend from Japan University (Osaka Industrial University) came to see the practice game. It’s far from where I lived, so it takes more than an hour to come and support me.”

However, visiting Jeju Island does not necessarily mean that visitors can enjoy the island. Choi Jun-hwan also said, “Actually, I came to Jeju Island before, but since I trained at the same gym, I feel like I am training here rather than here. It is because I came here many times.”

Kwon Soon-woo also said, “I don’t feel like I’m in Jeju Island except when I come to the airport because I only stay at the dorm. I don’t feel like I’m in Jeju Island because I only went to the gym and the dorm.”

Sangmyung University had a day off on Saturday after participating in the training through Sunday. It was a day when players could feel as if they were in Jeju Island.

There are about 20 days left before the opening of the college basketball league.

Kwon said, “I need to improve shooting accuracy. I don’t have enough time yet, so I don’t have much time in my mind. I need to play leisurely,” adding, “I have to tell you when I’m in defense, but I’m busy doing my own thing, so I need to study more.”

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