Samsung will try to escape six consecutive losses against Sono.

The Seoul Samsung Thunder are set to play against the Goyang Sono Sky Gunners in the 2023-2024 regular basketball league at the Sono Arena in Goyang on the 23rd.

Since acting coach Kim Hyo-beom took office, Samsung has secured a valuable win for Sono in its third round match. For this reason, Samsung has to think highly of the possibility of escaping six consecutive losses.

“Players have confidence in every game. Just because they have Sono doesn’t mean they have more. But when you enter a game and have a fight, it’s important how you endure it and win,” acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said.

Unlike the last three rounds, Sono’s ace Lee Jung-hyun has returned. For Samsung, the number of players to pay attention to and check has increased.

“Lee Jung-hyun changed his tactics a lot as he joined the team. We should be wary of Lee as he is making history to the extent that he summoned legendary players including committee member Lee Kyu-sup. He also emphasized defense of Lee Jung-hyun to the big men in addition to the outside players,” Kim said.

Samsung’s big man Lee Won-seok has returned to the team for some time, but he has yet to show remarkable performance. In any case, Samsung can only perform well when he plays a role.

“I hope Lee Won-seok will continue to be active and not worry about missed shots. I just want him to shoot boldly. There are some things that are derived from the 2-2 against Coffey, but last time, Yoon Sung-won scored. It’s a shame that Lee Won-seok needs to score 2-3 to make him feel better,” he said.

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