Round of 6 playoff resultsGame 1: KT 93-90 Hyundai Mobis

The hero of the first game was Paris Bath. Bath gave Suwon KT a valuable win by banking on his 32 points, 21 rebounds, and three assists for 35 minutes and 24 seconds. In addition to scoring goals, Bath also garnered two steals and block shots, displaying his presence in defense. If Bath contributes both offense and defense, it will be perfect for KT. It is true that Bath is highly dependent on him, but since he is one of the best foreign players in the KBL, if he explodes, he can easily play the game.

It is also nice to see Hur Hoon, who will be a one-two punch along with Bath, revived. Until the third quarter, Hur Hoon had nine points, three rebounds, and three assists, falling short of expectations. Notably, he attempted five three-point shots, but managed to make only one, showing poor goal to zero. However, he played an important role by scoring 11 points in the fourth quarter, the most important of all. If Hur Hoon scores along with Bath in the second game, KT’s offense will likely be even more frightening.

After winning the first round match, KT acquired 92.3 percent (48/52) chance for the winning team to advance to the semifinal playoff. If it wins another round of home games, it has a 100 percent chance for advance to the semifinal playoff. In KBL history, all 23 teams that won the first and second round of the semifinal playoff have successfully advanced to the semifinal playoff. For this reason, KT is expected to do its best in the second round as well.

Against this backdrop, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis needs to strengthen in the height fight. They certainly had strengths in the height fight and the two-point fight in the regular league. In the regular league showdown with KT, the team had an average of 37.7 rebounds to 34.2. However, the team fell behind 32-43 in the first round. It was painful to lose 18 offensive rebounds. In order for Hyundai Mobis to be successful in two-point basketball, the team must gain an upper hand in the height fight.

Another encouraging aspect of the team’s defeat was that its shot went off the outside. In the regular season, Hyundai Mobis ranked eighth in three-point shooting with 7.1 shots and seventh in three-point shooting success rate with 32.5 percent. In the match against KT, the team made 7.2 on average in six matches, and the success rate was 29.9 percent. Although the team has weaknesses in its offense outside the basket, 10 3-pointers were made in the first round. If external players such as Lee Woo-suk and Miguel Andre Oxon give their strength, they will be able to accumulate more points in the second round. 메이저 토토사이트

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