Reyes collapsed due to SSG’s intensive hit.

Reyes, who reported his first win of the season with six hits, one out and two strikeouts and one run in six innings against Suwon KT on the 24th, collapsed with eight hits, two walks, five strikeouts and six runs in two ⅔ against SSG on the 30th.

Reyes struck out Jihoon Choi and Park Sung-han in a row in the first inning. Choi Jeong’s hit to the right and stole second base made it to second base with two outs, but he struck out Ha with a swing and miss.

Reyes struck out Han Yu-seom and Kang Jin-seong in the second inning with a fly to center field and a swing to center, respectively, but got a heavy hit from Ko Myung-jun. He sent runners to third base by stealing second base and interfering with runners on base. He took a breather by inducing Kim Sung-hyun to fly to left field.

It collapsed in the third inning. Cho Hyung-woo and Jihoon Choi had an infield hit, and Park Sung-han had a walk to load the bases with no outs. Choi Jeong drew a walk to push. 1-0. Ha Jae-hoon stepped down with a straight hit to the third baseman, and Han Yoo-seom struck out, but gave up two more runs after Kang Jin-seong gave up a hit to the center field. Ko Myung-joon, Kim Sung-hyun and Cho Hyung-woo gave up three more runs.


Reyes threw the mound to left-hander Lee Sang-min with two outs and the bases loaded. Changed pitcher Lee Sang-min guided his Jihoon Choi to a foul fly to left field to end the inning.

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