‘Real reason’ for breaking a racket and refusing to shake hands, ‘Thai player’s trick’, disciplinary discussion yet

Kwon Soon-woo lost 1-2 (3-67-54-6) to Casidit Samrez of Thailand in the second round of men’s singles tennis held at Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in Zhejiang Province on the 25th. Samrez is close to obscurity, ranked 636th.

After the defeat was confirmed, Kwon Soon-woo smashed the racket in his hand by hitting it hard on the floor. Afterwards, he hit the chair with a broken racket, took his luggage, and picked up the racket again and hit it on the court. He even refused Samrez’s request for a handshake without giving him an eye.

The controversy quickly spread as he even showed off his bad manners in violent behavior that is not common on the court of tennis called “gentleman’s sport.” A video of Kwon Soon-woo hitting a racket on Weibo, China, has received more than 6 million views. Chinese media analyzed that Kwon Soon-woo committed such actions because he “lost the game” and “did not receive military benefits.” On SNS, a flurry of articles criticizing Kwon Soon-woo’s actions, such as “A player who does not respect tennis should not participate in a tennis tournament.”

Foreign media also paid attention. Sports Kida Tennis of the U.S. pointed out Kwon Soon-woo’s unmannered behavior, saying, “Kwon Soon-woo shattered his racket and refused to shake hands with his opponent after his defeat.” Sportskida said, “Korean tennis star Kwon Soon-woo lost in all attitudes after a shocking defeat.” Kwon Soon-woo, who lost to Samrez, who ranks 500th or higher in the world, was one of the favorites, but this defeat was so overwhelming that he poured all his anger into the court,” he said. “Kwon Soon-woo smashed his racket on the court and chair several times to pieces, and the crowd cheered and booed at the same time. Kwon Soon-woo also refused to shake hands with his opponent Samrez and the referee,’ he said.

However, the real reason why Kwon Soon-woo was angry as all the focus was on his actions after the game was not well revealed. Chinese portal Sohu Dotcom said, “Samrez used the ‘Offset trick’ a lot. For example, after the first set, I went to the bathroom and didn’t come back for 10 minutes. According to regulations, this is not allowed.”

“Kwon Soon-woo regained his condition in the second set, but Samrez applied for a medical timeout from the referee the moment he was about to win. Kwon Soon-woo, who felt helpless, finally got angry and argued with the other party. Kwon Soon-woo, whose mental collapsed, eventually lost the game, he pointed out the situation of the game.

According to the report, Kwon Soon-woo was involved in a Thai player’s psychological battle during the game. However, violent behavior is not justified. Another important reason for Kwon Soon-woo’s loss of self-control is exemption from military service, according to Sohu Dotcom. If you win, you can get an exemption. Kwon Soon-woo wrote that his mental state seems to have been completely unbalanced due to this pressure.

The possibility of disciplinary action is also raised. The Badminton Korea Association said, “There is no discussion on disciplinary action against Kwon Soon-woo yet.”


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