PSG keep crying when they have no proof

“Mbappe, we broke our promise. Come on, honor the gentlemen’s agreement.”

PSG is refusing to pay Mbappe with a ridiculous excuse.

“The club wants Mbappe to concede 80 million euros ($118.9 million), as promised in August last year,” Spanish media outlet As reported on Sept. 23 (local time). Meanwhile, his salary is being withheld.”

Real Madrid have officially announced the signing of Kylian Mbappe to a massive five-year contract until 2029. Mbappe will officially join Real Madrid on July 1, when his contract with PSG officially expires.

Mbappe has now signed a five-year contract with Real. Not only will he become the club’s highest earner with an annual salary of £12.8 million, but he will also receive a huge signing bonus of £86 million, paid in installments.

Mbappe’s relationship with Paris was expected to be over, but it is now on the verge of a court battle over salary. Mbappe is demanding €100 million in salary and bonuses from PSG, while Paris wants the player to fulfill his August 2023 contract.

After a meeting with Paris president Al-Khelaifi prior to his move to Real, Mbappe agreed to concede an €80 million bonus in case Paris lost Mbappe on a free transfer in June. Since then, relations between Mbappe and Paris have continued to deteriorate, and while Mbappe confirmed the existence of the promise on Jan. 3 after winning the Super Cup, there was no documentation to prove he would concede the €80 million.

Currently, Paris has withheld a portion of his salary, claiming that Mbappe has not fulfilled his promise and has not handed it over to him. Paris is demanding that Mbappe honor his word, which they claim has not been 사설토토 honored.

According to the media, Mbappe is demanding the salary he is owed, but Paris are withholding it in order to get him to sign a document stating that they will release €80 million in the summer.

Paris continue to shout that they need to formalize the gentlemen’s agreement to cede €80 million, but Mbappe is also demanding his salary.

According to French outlet L’Equipe, PSG has not paid Mbappe his April and May wages and has no plans to do so in June. Mbappe’s current contract is set to expire on June 30, and the issue needs to be resolved before then.

Negotiations are slowly progressing, but without any major breakthroughs. If PSG continues to go without payment, Mbappe will have no choice but to file a lawsuit against the club, which means the relationship between the two sides has taken a turn for the worst.


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