Professional Basketball Samsung Recruited FA Choi Hyun-min and Choi St. Mary’s…a three-year contract

According to Samsung, Choi Hyun-min signed a contract for a total of 250 million won (annual salary of 200 million won and incentive of 50 million won), while Choi St. Mary’s receives a total of 210 million won (annual salary of 168 million won and incentive of 42 million won).

Both players are said to have a three-year contract.토토사이트 모음

Regarding Choi Hyun-min, who played in Sono, Goyang last season, Samsung said, “It is a resource that can play both 3 (small forward) and 4 (power forward), and we believe that it will empower the forward team through scoring based on a comprehensive three-point shot and a defense that does not save the body.”

Choi St. Mary’s, who performed well at Suwon KT last season, said, “He is a player who has strengths in breaking through and defending using fast speed,” adding, “We expect him to revitalize the guards with active rebound participation and high energy.”

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