“Prince of Daejeon,”

Rookie of the Year this year, fans’ enthusiasm for commemorative products is also soaring.

Hanwha said on the 1st, “As a result of pre-ordering Moon Dong-ju’s Rookie of the Year award commemorative products from the 29th of last month, it achieved sales of more than 200 million won on the first day alone, setting the record for sales of the club’s commemorative products in a day.”

Moon Dong-ju’s Rookie of the Year commemorative product will be produced in five items: uniforms, memorabilia, medals, rings, and photo cards. You can make reservations only until midnight on the 5th at the Hanwha Eagles online shop. Hanwha hinted, “The server was paralyzed for more than an hour as more than 10,000 users flocked to the online shop, which is the place of purchase, immediately after opening.”

Even offline, the fans’ enthusiasm is explosive. About 1,000 fans and citizens gathered at the Moon Dong-ju fan signing event held at Hanwha Galleria Time World in Daejeon on the 29th of last month. Fans are also constantly visiting the pop-up exhibition section of the “Prince of Daejeon’s Room” commemorative product, which runs from the first floor of the department store until the 5th.

Encouraged by the enthusiasm for Moon Dong-ju’s commemorative products, Hanwha said, “We plan to strengthen related products by launching a ‘player brand’ for major Hanwha players in the future,” adding, “We also plan to continue our efforts to strengthen customer service and grow together with Galleria Department Store.”


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