“Please let me use the playground.”

The recent rise in professional football Gwangju is scary.

Despite the poor training environment, he sank to Ulsan, the leader, and jumped to third place in the league.

I’m reporter Song Ki-sung.

From the first goal created by his obsession with..

Even a fantastic volley that froze the defenders!

Gwangju, which won by driving Ulsan, which has eight former and current national team members, despite the absence of a large number of key players such as Um Ji-sung and Asani, set a new record for the most wins in the first division with nine consecutive undefeated games.

As the bold dribble breakthrough that is not afraid of failure and the No. 1 success rate of forward passes in the attacking area, “Lee Jung-hyo’s” attack soccer has raised the ranking, which was once in eighth place, to third place.

[Lee Junghyo/Director of Gwangju FC]
“We prepared a lot to keep tapping even if we get one shot for the goal without losing our unique color in Gwangju.”

Due to the extraordinary sensation of the promotion team, not only coach Lee Jung-hyo’s leadership but also the players’ abilities have begun to be reevaluated.

Gwangju players, who were close to “unknown,” grew up and joined the national teams at various levels..

Lee Soon-min, who is about to turn 30, was also called by director Klinsmann.

[Lee Soonmin / Gwangju FC]
“I am Gwangju FC midfielder and current national team member Lee Soon-min. I think my dream is not just my dream anymore. I feel a sense of responsibility and weight for that.”

The only concern of Gwangju, which is popular, is to improve its training conditions…

For the past two months, forgetting their defeat, the players talked about the playground that they couldn’t use to their heart’s content before their victory speech every time.

[Jung Hoyeon / Gwangju FC]
“There is a poor part of not being able to use the playground at will, so if you help me a little, I hope Gwangju will be a team that can develop further and face higher.”

[Lee Gunhee/Gwangju FC]
“Can I say one more thing? Please consider the playground.”

People say I’m the weakest player in the league…

Even in poor training conditions…

Gwangju looking beyond Remain as seen.

“Asian stage challenge” is not just a dream anymore.


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