Perfect for Tottenham!”… MF ‘tied for third place in scoring with SON’ Bournemouth FW pursuit

England midfielder Jamie O’Hara, who played for Tottenham Hotspur in the past, strongly recommended recruiting Dominic Solanke (Bournemouth) to his former team.

Britain’s “TBR Football” reported on the 26th, “Jamie O’Hara admitted that Tottenham likes to recruit Bournemouth striker Dominic Solanke.”

Solanke, an English striker who was born in 1997, is one of the best strikers in the 2023/24 season in the Premier League. He has scored 11 goals in the league so far, tying for third with Son Heung-min, Tottenham’s top scorer. Currently, Ehling Holan (14 goals, Manchester City) is the top scorer in the Premier League, while Mohamed Salah (12 goals, Liverpool) is also in second place.

Solanke participated as a member of the England national team at the FIFA U-20 World Cup held in South Korea in 2017 and scored four goals to lead his country to the championship.

Solanke received a lot of attention because he performed well in the U-20 World Cup, a venue for opportunities for prospects. Before Solanke, Paul Pogba (2013), Sergio Aguero (2007), and Lionel Messi (2005) were also from Golden Bull at the U-20 World Cup, and Lee Kang-in (PSG) won the Golden Ball in 2019.

Solanke, who played for Chelsea at the time, moved to Liverpool, a prestigious Premier League club, after the U-20 World Cup. However, he did not have a chance at Liverpool, so he recorded only one goal and one assist in the first division for two years and moved to Bournemouth, his current team, in 2019.

Solanke, who had been consistently given chances to play at Bournemouth, began to enlighten his potential. In the 2020/21 season, while Bournemouth were in the second tier of the Championship, Solanke scored 15 goals and 10 assists in the league, and the following season he scored a whopping 29 goals in the league alone, putting Bournemouth in second place in the Championship and leading them to promotion to the Premier League.

Solanke, who returned to the first division, scored six goals and seven assists in the 2022/23 season, scoring his first Premier League double-digit attack point, and scored 11 goals in the first half of this season alone, continuing his success from the World Cup Golden Ball by achieving double-digit goals for the first time since his professional debut.

Once he became one of the best strikers in the Premier League, Solanke once again began to attract the attention of big clubs. One of the clubs currently targeting Solanke was Tottenham, which drew attention.

“Solanke is a player that Tottenham is closely monitoring. He has already sent scouts to observe Solanke several times even during the season. We will continue to watch Solanke next year,” he said. “Bournemouth also knows that it will be difficult to keep Solanke if he shows the same performance as he does now. We are preparing for other team proposals.”

When Tottenham looked at Solanke, O’Hara welcomed him with open arms. He was confident that Solanke would fit his old team perfectly, so he hoped Tottenham could recruit Solanke.

According to the media, Oraha said through Team Talk, “I don’t know if Bournemouth will let Solanke go,” adding, “If someone offers 80 to 90 million pounds (about 1316 to 148.1 billion won) at the end of the season, the club can rebuild the team again with a few decent players who can send out players and recruit them.”

“But I’ll try to figure out how Bournemouth can let Solanke go,” he added. “I wish Solanke was at Tottenham. When I saw him, I thought Solanke was perfect for the way Tottenham wanted to play.”

Currently, only Son Heung-min and Hisarlisson can play as Tottenham’s No. 9 striker. While Hisarlisson has failed to display performance due to poor performance and injury, Son has scored many goals as a forward striker. He has scored 11 league goals this season, tying with Solanke for third place in the Premier League in goalscoring.

Recently, Brazilian striker Hisharlisson has been revived, further strengthening Tottenham’s attack. Hisharlisson, who was freed from pain after undergoing pelvic surgery in November, scored four goals in his last three starts after returning from injury, pushing Son Heung-min to take the position of Tottenham’s ninth striker.

With Son Heung-min alive and Hisharlis alive, interest in whether Tottenham will recruit a new striker is high, the possibility of Son Heung-min seeking to recruit Solanke cannot be ignored as he will participate in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in January next year and be away for about a month.

In addition to Solanke, Tottenham also reportedly listed Ireland striker Evan Ferguson (Brighton and Hove Albion) born in 2004 as a potential recruitment candidate. The British Daily Mail reported that Tottenham is also interested in Evan Ferguson, but believes Solanke is a better player.

Ferguson, who is now only 19, was recognized for his potential by scoring six goals in the Premier League this season at a young age. For Tottenham, teenage Ferguson may be a better choice when considering the future than 26-year-old Solanke, but the recruitment of Solanke is expected to be very high.

In addition, while Ferguson is under contract with Brighton until 2029, Solanke’s contract expires in June 2027, which could be relatively more advantageous in transfer negotiations. However, as Arsenal, the biggest rival, is also known to be keeping an eye on Solanke, attention is expected to be paid to whether Tottenham can recruit Solanke to further strengthen its offense.


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