Operators can submit applications to build smoking lounges, sans gaming, but smoking lounges are still approved in high roller rooms.

The Secretary-General is Alexis Tamchon Wong. He is in charge of smoking-related policies throughout Macau, and he includes the inside of the game room.

Under the new system, game consoles and tables must be placed at least three meters from the entrance to the smoking lounge in the lounge located inside the casino. Separating casinos and smoking lounges with walls can reduce the distance by two meters.

Smoking lounges are also supposed to include negative pressure components, which currently have stricter standards. When the door is closed, the sound pressure must be set to at least 5 pascals within the lounge. In the past, there was no level setting required by the government.

Smoking lounges must also have a single door and an automated system that controls sliding doors to open and close. If you leave the door open for more than 1 minute or detect a negative rating of less than 5 pascal, an alarm should be included to provide a warning.

Additional technical points include cleaning the smoking lounge and stopping all smoking for two hours before cleaning. Staff cleaning the lounge must wear a mask for protection. Casinos offering smoking lounges should take care to protect the health of their employees. Mr Tam’s update did not provide what action should be taken in this regard.슬롯사이트 추천

The new rules also state that smoking lounges should provide information about the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. The Macau Health Authority provides services to help smokers quit smoking and information about such services must be included in smoking lounges. Products related to the tobacco industry cannot be advertised in the lounge.

The new rules also put the health department in charge of overseeing smoking lounges, as well as approving the rules on those lounges. The regulations on tobacco prevention and control have been recently revised and will be enforced.

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