“Only one foreign coach hurt the hearts of 50 million people.”

He expressed his anger, saying, “It’s heartbreaking that I feel like I’ve trampled on the culture, and I may win the game, but I don’t know how much I’m sick because I don’t have the ability to empathize with my lack of emotion and enthusiasm.”

Park Joon-geum also voiced his opinion that Klinsmann should resign. “I sincerely want to say thank you to our players for playing this game, and I hope Klinsmann resigns voluntarily,” he said.

Meanwhile, manager Klinsmann’s dismissal, who failed to win the Asian Cup semifinal by losing 0-2 to Jordan, is intensifying.

When he returned to Korea on the 8th, Klinsmann said, “I advanced to the semifinals of the Asian Cup, but I can’t say it’s a failure,” adding, “I don’t know why the public opinion is bad. The team is growing in the right direction,” indicating that he will continue to lead the team. Despite frequent criticism of overseas business trips, he is drawing criticism again, saying, “After a short break, we will move to Europe and look at Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, and Lee Kang-in.”

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