One Club Player, also in AT Madrid! Captain Koke, who has been dedicated for 23 years

Aúpa means “fighting” in Spanish. Aletti is a nickname of Atletico Madrid, another Madrid-based club besides Real Madrid. After Diego Simeone took the helm, AT Madrid became the “Lariga Third Round” along with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. This club also has various stories. Aupa Aletti introduces the story of Atletico Madrid.

One club player refers to a player who has never moved to a club and played for only one club. One club man is the pride and symbol of the club’s fans. He has shown loyalty to the club he supports.

One-club players are rare in modern soccer. They should have excellent skills and love for the team. Even if they meet all of these requirements, they can sometimes move after receiving an offer from another club. One-club players are uncommon, but if he is a member of a club, he or she is respected by both fans and players.

Atletico Madrid also has a one-club player. Since joining the AT Madrid youth team in 2000, Lee has played only for AT Madrid. He was not even loaned to another club due to his experience in the pro team when he was a promising player. The hero is Cocke, the captain of AT Madrid.

1 A boy born in Madrid, looking only at AT Madrid

Koke was born in Madrid, Spain on January 8, 1992. Real Madrid represented Madrid at the time, but Koke did not head there. Koke started playing soccer for Real Madrid’s ‘Madrid derby rival’ AT Madrid youth team in 2000 when he was eight years old.

Koke played for AT Madrid youth from 2000 to 2008. He finally signed with AT Madrid B team, which was just below the first team, in 2008. For AT Madrid B team, he left a record of 66 matches and seven goals in three seasons.

Koke finally made his professional debut in the 2009/10 season. Coach Kiqué Sanchez Flores, the head of AT Madrid at the time, gave Koke a chance. Koke made his debut in a league match against FC Barcelona in September 2009 when he was replaced by Paulo Asunsang in the 22nd minute of the second half. Despite his short time, Koke faced some of the best players of his time, including Messi, Andrés Iniesta, and Thierry Henry.

2 Becomes an irreplaceable player under Simeone

Koke started his career as a starting player after Diego Simeone took over as coach in December 2011. Observing Koke’s talent, Simeone gave him unlimited confidence. Under Simeone, Koke played various roles including center midfielder and side midfielder.

Koke’s biggest advantage was his versatility. He had the ability to poke creative passes through strikers. At the same time, he was a highly active player. Simeone assigned Koke several roles because of his utility.

Koke has lifted numerous trophies with Simeone. Koke has won two Spanish Primera Liga titles, two UEFA Europa League titles, one Copa del Rey, one Supercopa España and two UEFA Super Cups with AT Madrid. All of them were titles under Simeone.

3 Boy Who Loved AT Madrid Becomes the Best Legend of the Club

Koke has been linked with several clubs including FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United. Koke stayed with AT Madrid despite receiving attention from numerous big clubs. Koke, who has been with AT Madrid for a long time, was appointed as the team’s captain when Diego Godin left in July 2019. Koke, who joined AT Madrid at age 8, is now a symbol of the team.

Koke left his name in the AT Madrid Hall of Fame in October last year. He started in the seventh round of the Primera Liga against Sevilla, becoming the club’s highest number of participants (554 games), beating Adelardo Rodriguez (553 games). AT Madrid overwhelmed Sevilla 2-0 and the joy doubled.

Now, the path Koke has taken has become the history of AT Madrid. Koke has played in a whopping 606 games for AT Madrid. Koke is still showing off his solid position this season, as he played in 20 games and two assists. This means that Koke’s milestone is currently underway.

“Romantic” is one of the reasons fans enjoy sports. One of the ways to realize “romantic” in sports is to treat the team according to its legend. AT Madrid has continued to accompany Koke and remember what a professional sports team should do.


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