Oh Ki-sang and OK Financial Group deserve applause

OK Financial Group coach Masahiro Ogino (54) took the helm of the team for the first time in this season. He is the first Japanese national to take the helm of the team in the V-League history. Ogino predicted a “storm” from the Cup championship. The team quickly adapted to Ogino’s philosophy of system volleyball and volleyball with few mistakes. OK Financial Group won the trophy for the first time since its foundation.

There were ups and downs. They faltered after losing all three rounds. Despite direct criticism against Leo, a foreign player and ace, the two reached an agreement and created a synergy effect. OK Financial Group turned the tables by winning all four rounds, joining its first “spring volleyball” in three years.

It beat Hyundai Capital in the semi-playoff (PO), and also beat Woori Card, the second-ranked team in the regular league, in the PO that followed, to advance to the championship for the first time in eight years. It fought well against Korean Air in the championship, but had to settle for the runner-up with three losses.

He added a new color to OK Financial Group, shouting volleyball with fewer errors. OK Financial Group recorded 929 errors in 36 games it played last season. The average number of errors per game was 25.8 this season, but this season it was 18.1 per game, the lowest number of errors. The number of errors in serve was also drastically reduced from 16.55 to 9.58 per game.

The number of serve runs per set was reduced from 1.471 to 0.784 but the number of blockings increased from 2.074 to 2.309 per set, with Dig increasing from 7.787 to 9.209 per set.

Ogino has thus improved the constitution of OK Financial Group just one year after taking the helm. “We needed a lot of training to develop a new system. I think we showed volleyball that is different from other teams in the V-League,” Ogino said. “I think the players know that serving cannot be won just with strong serve. I tried to reduce the number of mistakes because I gave up twice as many points if I made a mistake in serving. I think I was able to play volleyball for OK Financial Group while reducing the number of runs.”

He spent his first year in the V-League. Next season, the era of foreign coaches will be opened in the men’s division. Coach Ogino, Korean Air’s Tommy Tilikainen, as well as Coach Miguel Rivera of KB Insurance and Hyundai Capital’s Philip Blanc will make new appearances in the V-League.

“Because great coaches are coming (to the V-League), I think they will show a world-class style of volleyball,” Ogino said. “I think it would be good to study while stealing good things from other coaches,” before renewing his commitment to “make efforts to show better volleyball than this season.” 메이저 토토사이트

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