“No reflection”

Two former Gangwon FC players sentenced to seven years in prison for “sexual assault charges”…”No reflection”

On the 8th, the Chuncheon District Court sentenced A (24) and B (28) to seven years in prison for quasi-rape under the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes. It also imposed security measures such as disclosure and notification of personal information for five years and restrictions on employment in institutions related to children and adolescents for five years.

The court explained the reason for the sentence, saying, “The defendants conspired to commit the crime and committed the crime against the drunk victim, causing mental damage that is difficult to heal for the rest of their lives.” 스포츠토토

Earlier in October 2021, A was put on trial on charges of having sex with a drunk woman at a motel in Gangneung-si, and B was put on trial on charges of conspiring to commit sexual acts in the room where the victim fell asleep on the same day. B was also accused of filming the sleeping victim with his cell phone.

B became acquainted with the victim through social networking services (SNS), and the two reportedly committed the crime after drinking with the victim. A denied the charges and argued for guilt, but B admitted most of the charges and denied only charges of intrusion. The court found all the charges guilty after investigating evidence such as witness interrogation.

A, who had been on trial without detention, was sentenced to prison and arrested. B, who was handed over to trial under arrest and was released on bail, was also arrested again. Gangwon suspended the two players indefinitely when the police investigation began in October 2021. Since then, A’s contract with Gangwon has ended and B’s contract has been terminated.

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