Newcastle United is considering Hugo Lloris

Lloris is considered one of Tottenham’s iconic players. Since joining Tottenham in 2012, he has played 447 games in his career, making him an indispensable member of the team.

He is also well-known as Tottenham’s captain. Since 2014, he has been playing the central role of the team with his sincere attitude and outstanding leadership while wearing Tottenham’s captain’s armband.

The passage of time couldn’t go against the flow. As he entered his mid-30s, Lloris’ skills drastically declined. In particular, as errors and injuries became more frequent last season, the necessity of recruiting a goalkeeper was weighed down.

Leaving Tottenham this summer was almost a given. Tottenham handed over its captain’s armband to Son ahead of the opening of this season. It was interpreted that Tottenham officially announced their farewell to Lloris.

In fact, the transfer failed to take place. Clubs such as Newcastle and Lazio tried to recruit Lloris, but failed to reach an individual agreement with the player, which resulted in the transfer falling through.

Lloris, who remained at Tottenham, became invisible. With Guglielmo Vicario taking the main gatekeeper position, Lloris couldn’t even sit on the bench.

The possibility of his retirement has been raised. His father recently said in a media outlet that his son’s retirement is not impossible. The current situation is having a big impact on him. It is all the more regrettable because he feels that he is in good condition.

Newcastle is the club that has decided to join the club. According to the latest report, Newcastle are reportedly willing to try to recruit Lloris in January next year following this summer.안전놀이터

Recruiting a new goalkeeper is considered one of Newcastle’s goals. As Pope, the starting goalkeeper, has been out of the team’s roster for at least four months due to a shoulder injury, it is essential to recruit a substitute.

Chances are high that he will recruit Lloris. “An official negotiation has yet to take place. However, Newcastle’s interest in Lloris is genuine. There is a good chance that his transfer will be realized soon,” the Sun said.

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