Na Sung-beom’s injury shock is ‘4 Hyung-woo instead of 4 Sung-bum’

Choi Hyung-woo (41), the batting leader of the Kia Tigers, said this at the inauguration ceremony of former coach Kim Jong-kook in January 2022. Now he thought it was right for him to play the role of supporting his juniors. He was sluggish in the 2021 season, and a new pillar of Na Sung-bum came ahead of the 2022 season. He has been the cleanup hitter for the Samsung Lions and KIA for a long time. Of course, he could have said that.

However, Choi’s dream failed to come true for two years. First of all, for the 2022 season, the former coach regarded “6 Hyung-woo” as premature. No matter how bad Choi was, I thought that even if Na Sung-bum was active, he should hit No. 4. There were times when he hit No. 5 to No. 6 in the aftermath of his slump, but there were still many days when he was hit No. 4.

Choi, however, was in full swing last year. He had a batting average of 0.302 with 17 homers, 81 RBIs, 64 runs scored and an OPS of 0.887 in 121 games. Due to Choi’s revival, Na Sung-bum was absent from the opening game due to calf injury. Throughout the season, hitters suffered from injuries large and small. Choi could not afford to move down to No. 6.

Coach Lee Bum-ho, who took the helm this year, was a leader who would realize Choi’s dream. He said, “Now, I need to put less pressure on Choi,” adding, “The best thing to do is to hit No. 6.” The heavyweight of No. 4 is left to Na Sung-bum, not Choi Hyung-woo. As triple setters including Park Chan-ho, Choi Won-joon and Kim Do-young enter the first to third setters, Na Sung-bum can naturally hit No. 4.” He said, “Four sex offenders are more powerful than three.”

With Socrates Brito entering No. 5, it is better for Choi Hyung-woo to hit No. 6 naturally. It was somewhat consistent with what Choi Hyung-woo had thought two years ago. Choi Hyung-woo, who signed a 1+1 year, 2.2 billion won contract, began to draw the end of his active career.

However, Choi’s dream is in danger of being shattered again. It is already an exhibition game, but he played as the cleanup hitter in two consecutive games. Na’s hamstring injury has recurred while running a base running. He must rest for two weeks unconditionally, and plans to return to the team based on the results of re-examination. At this point, even if Na returns only in April, it will be a huge success. He may have to take a full rest in April.

In other words, Choi Hyung-woo should take the heavy role again at the opening. If there is no Na Sung-bum, coach Lee Bum-ho seems to believe that Choi Hyung-woo is the right person for No. 4. Choi Won-joon is sluggish in exhibition games and is in flux until No. 3 Kim Do-young’s batting order, but for now, Choi Hyung-woo is fixed at No. 4.토토사이트

It is not the picture that Choi ultimately wants, but for KIA, 4 is the perfect picture for the center hitter without Na Sung-bum. Choi should lead the center hitter again along with Kim Do-young, Socrates Brito, and Kim Sun-bin. He has a batting average of 0.188 in the exhibition game. However, this performance means nothing to the batting leader

Another thing is that with Na’s departure, Choi could have a situation where he can take charge of defense. Ideally, Ko Jong-wook, the “crazy contact,” fills the gap most when looking at hitting. However, Ko Jong-wook is not very good at defense, so it is ideal for him to take the designated hitter position. Considering this, Choi could sometimes play the left-field defense. In this case, Socrates Brito should move to center field and Choi Won-jun to right field.

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