Morocco today… Overcome ‘back door anxiety’!

Our national team entered Adelaide, the ‘decisive field’, the day before the match against Morocco, and focused on raising the atmosphere.

Head coach Colin Bell emphasized his unwavering faith in his players, saying he had forgotten the pain of losing Game 1.[Colin Bell/Women’s soccer team coach: Our players often made a turnaround immediately after disappointing results. They have very strong personalities and are great players. I believe that he will show his excellence in the game.]

The sluggish performance of goalkeeper Kim Jung-mi, who was the regular starter, and goalkeeper Yoon Young-geul, who made a crucial mistake in the first game, left uneasiness. This has become more important.

[Lim Seon-joo/Women’s soccer team defender: We are desperate for victory more than anything right now, and we think it is necessary. If the players find confidence and find our own team play, I think we will get good results.]

Morocco is 72nd in the FIFA rankings, objectively one step below, but don’t be vigilant as they won second place in the African Championship with ace Shebak’s sharp free kick. no see.안전놀이터

With the last 3 games against the strongest Germany left, Korea must score and win as many goals as possible to rekindle the flames for the round of 16.

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