Morales’ maiden voyage recalled with ‘Best 8 in 3 categories’ record

The FIVB 2024 Volleyball Nations League (VNL) Qualifiers concluded on Saturday after three weeks of action. The South Korean women’s national team, led by head coach Fernando Morales, finished 15th out of 16 nations with a 2-10 record (6 points). It was the first time in three years since 2021. They also ended a 30-match losing streak and regained their confidence. There’s still a long way to go, but growth is growth. And one more thing. She also improved her personal record. Compared to last year, she showed a huge improvement.

At VNL, you can find personal record tables in seven categories. They are: Best Scorer, Best Attacker, 스포츠토토사이트 Best Blocker, Best Server, Best Setter, Best Digger, and Best Receiver.

Based on the qualifiers, this year’s Korean team has improved significantly in every category compared to last year. First, best scorer. Jung Jung-yoon is ranked 19th (129 points) and Kang So-hwi is 21st (124 points). In 2023, Kang and Kim tied for 55th place (83 points).

Next up is Best Attacker. Here, the positions of Kang Sohwi and Jung Ji-yoon are reversed. Kang finished 17th (112 points) and Jung 21st (106 points). Last year, they tied for 45th place with 68 points. Kim Da-eun was the best on the team then, finishing 42nd with 74 points.

In the best blocker category, Jung Ho-young was 13th with 17 blocks. Lee Da-hyun was close behind with 16 (14th). Last year, Lee was 23rd (12) and Lee Ju-ah was 28th (7).

The best server was the same in both 2023 and 2024 at 6th place. This year’s winners were Jung Jung-yoon with 10 points and last year’s winners were Kang So-hwi with 12 points.

The best setter was a remarkable achievement. With 254 successful sets, Kim Dain is third in this category. Kim also won the most sets on the team last year with 93 (16th).

The best diggers also had a single-digit ranking. Handa Hye led the way with 116 digs, good for eighth place. At the same time, Handahae was also the team’s top receiver, ranking 14th (49). In the last edition of the tournament, Moon Jung-won and Moon Jung-won led the team with 115 (14th) and 53 (17th) respectively.

To summarize, South Korea improved its ranking in every category compared to last year, except for Best Server, where it placed sixth for the second year in a row. They also made it into the Best 8 in three categories. Of course, numbers don’t tell the whole story of volleyball. But they can be one measure of how the team compares today to yesterday. Three months since Morales took over. Many indicators point to a change in South Korea.

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