“Moon Innovation One-Man Show”

“Moon Innovation One-Man Show” Plus, 2 consecutive wins

Plus won the game in a row.

Plus beat the sweatshirt 23-10 in the sixth grade elementary school game of the Bon:us 2023 National Youth Basketball Tournament held at Wooseul Gymnasium in Haenam, Jeollanam-do on the 5th. He won two games in a row. He also won both matches against the sweatshirt.

The core power of Plus is Moon Innovation and Lee Bum-joon. Moon Innovation’s ball handling, layup, and Lee Bum-joon’s height account for most of the plus.

In particular, the proportion of cultural innovation is high. He is a player who plays various roles such as rebounding, ball carrying, and lay-up. At the beginning of the game, he blocked a man-to-man attack with his physical strength.

He hit and ran after a defensive rebound. He advanced to the sweatshirt camp faster than a sweatshirt player, and scored with a left-handed layup.

Moon In-hwa also looked at her empty colleague. He handed the ball to the players running ahead of him. I gave other friends a chance to score.

However, the score was almost up to Moon Shin-hwa. The Plus, centered on Moon Innovation, led 15-8 four minutes before the end of the third quarter.

Lee Bum-joon’s offensive rebound was also powerful. When Lee Bum-joon provided a second chance, plus various players were able to throw comfortably. 먹튀검증

Myung Kang-min, who focused on defense, also actively joined the attack. Lee Jae-joon also moved actively. And the plus bench called both professional innovation and Lee Bum-joon to the bench in 59.1 seconds at the end of the third quarter. It was meant to watch the fourth quarter.

Moon In-hwa and Lee Bum-joon did not even appear in the fourth quarter. However, five players on the court showed active movements. He held out the final quarter well. He confirmed his second consecutive win.

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