Miami has signed Mills to a contract for the rest of the season.

He revealed his future prospects as he filled the backcourt with this contract.

He was recently released by the Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta chose not to join him, who was pushed out of power. Instead, he gave Trent Forest a regular contract. Mills was expected to soon nest in a new place. He was immediately called by Miami. 안전 토토사이트

It could be difficult for him to play many hours right now. However, Miami may have an easy time to play because Josh Richardson is injured. With Richardson ending the season with an injury recently, Mills may have more opportunities. He is expected to have Terry Rozier and Tyler Hiro behind him.

Mills played in 19 games this season. He played 10.6 minutes per game, posting 2.7 points (.373.382.—) and 1.1 rebounds. Except for the 2009-2010 season when he was a rookie, he had the slowest season. He must have hoped for a turnaround in Miami. However, it is questionable how many chances he will have to play.

He entered the NBA through the 2009 draft. He was called upon by the Portland Trail Blazers as the 25th pick in the second round. Signed immediately after his nomination, he spent two seasons with the Portland. Since then, he has played for as many as 10 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. He has been playing as a key six man for a long time in San Antonio.

However, he moved to the Brooklyn Nets back in the summer of 2021. But a season later, last summer, he was traded to the Houston Rockets, and within a few days, he was traded from Houston to the Oklahoma City Thunder. That was not all. He was traded from Oklahoma City to Atlanta.

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