Manitoba’s Game Regulator Moves To New Office In Polo Park

The Manitoba State Gaming Authority (LGA) has expressed interest in moving its headquarters away from the city center, explaining that it would be more convenient for both customers and workers if LGA’s offices were not in the city center.

The current Polo Park area is an empty warehouse, but it is expected to soon become a new home for the Manitoba Liquor Game Authority. The regulator’s new headquarters will provide convenient access and sufficient parking space for both customers and workers across 23,000 square feet.

LGA communications analyst Lisa Hansen added that LGA’s office will be near Milt Stagal Drive and Yukon Avenue. She elaborated that the agency had already signed a lease to lease a large commercial property located in the West End area.

Reasons for moving to LGA
Hansen explained that the landlord remodels the agency’s office to meet its needs, and that the office should be located behind the agency’s retail area. It has been an essential step by the agency since the merger of liquor and gambling regulators. LGA telecom analysts argued that the merger of the two dealerships is a strategic move to find all the services customers need because most business owners have liquor and game licenses.

Apart from the explanation that relocating the headquarters is cost-effective due to low rents, LGA explained that the key is to provide sufficient parking space for employees and customers.

In 2015, Manitoba Liquor and Lottery Corporation proposed a $75 million plan to move its headquarters to downtown Winnipeg, and it is interesting that the corporation decided to abandon the plan, explaining that it would cost C$66 million more to repair the old Medical Art Building.

In 2014, the Regulatory Services Division of the Manitoba Liquor Management Committee and the Manitoba Liquor Management Committee was merged to form the LGA. As a result, the Manitoba Liquor Management Committee acquired the operational functions of the Manitoba Liquor Management Committee.


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