Macau will create a separate zone on the casino floor and a dedicated gambling chip

The decision represents part of a new gaming tax system that will take effect anticipation of a 40% government levy on gross gaming revenue (GGR). However, casino operators can expect up to 5% relief within the scope of the proposed game tax system, and such exemptions apply to GGRs generated by foreign players from mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Adriano Marquez Ho, director of the city’s casino regulator, Game Inspection and Coordination Bureau, detailed Macau’s relevant administrative regulations and recent game laws to implement foreign player incentive policies in a media briefing on Friday.

Tax relief:

In this sense, the law predicts that each CEO can reduce the effective tax rate on casino GGR by himself for “public interest reasons” justified by attracting “customers from abroad.”

Ho noted that a special game chip proposed for the use of foreign players would help the government calculate the total game income generated from those particular players. However, he did not provide details on the limits needed to start tax breaks on income generated by foreign players.

Special play area:

But Ho explained: “For foreign sponsors gambling here at the casino, they’ll set up a special zone for their play. Since they are foreign passport holders, the Game Inspection Coordination Bureau will have guidelines for casino underwriters to be considered foreign sponsors of these special gambling zones.”

Administrative Justice Minister Andre Cheng Wong-chun said in a briefing that Macau has been overly dependent on mainland China and local players. Therefore, the authorities are creating tax breaks for casino operators to attract overseas players and reducing the costs of Macau operators’ attempts to attract overseas players.

Attracting foreign players:

According to the government, the cost of attracting overseas customers is high. It may require operators to “have overseas offices, dedicated jet services for certain high-end customers, and other supporting hotel services for them.”

Ho, director of the game inspection coordination bureau, also said that 3.58% of total revenue of $36.5 billion was generated by foreign players in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.


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