Macau Reaches $2.05 Billion Revenue Record

The Macau gambling industry generated a total gaming revenue of $16.66 billion ($2.06 billion) , setting a new monthly record after the region’s pandemic. Therefore, July exceeded the previous highest revenue level reached by the Macau game industry, according to a report by Inside Asia Gaming (IAG).

Post-pandemic records:

The Game Inspection Coordination Bureau (DICJ), a government agency that regulates the industry, reportedly showed sales growth of more than 4,000% in July compared to the same period . At the same time, the July GGR level was 9.6% higher than the 15.21 billion MOP ($1.89 billion) achieved in June, the second highest monthly result for the local gaming industry since the current pandemic.

Continuous growth:

The $2.06 billion hit in July 2023 is reportedly about 67% of the July 2019 record high when the Macau casino generated $24.45 billion ($3.03 billion) in total gaming revenue. However, 2023 figure also reached a record of $15.57 billion ($1.93 billion) to be replaced 2023, marking the third consecutive month since border restrictions were lifted 2023.

According to IAG, the Macau game industry totaled about $96.8 billion ($12 billion) of total gaming revenue in the first seven months of 2023. The seven-month total is reportedly 263% higher than the level reached in the same period in 2022, but is only 56% of the MOP $173.96 billion ($21.6 billion) figure seen by the industry during the same period in 2019.

Increasing trend:

Figures showing an increasing trend in Macau game sales, especially in the past three months, are similar to pre-pandemic levels, proving that the recovery period for the Macau game industry is no longer a problem. As reported, industry analysts have recently observed strong improvements in the industry’s premium mass sector at the same time as overall market improvements. For this reason, it appears that the market is already raising the question of time to recover and return to 2019 levels.

A question of time:

Stimulated by current results, some market participants expect the premium mass segment to already return to pre-COVID levels in October 2023, setting for further growth and expansion beyond 2019 figures, as reported by IAG. With this segment currently leading the market, you can expect the overall gaming industry in the region to continue to grow.


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