LOTO-Québec seeks kiosk efficiency with omnidirectional POS platform

When it comes to lottery offers and accessibility, people should be able to enjoy buying and the way it happens. Lotto Quebec was looking for a trusted partner and found it by introducing a new collaboration with Alice Force. The advanced intuitive system is now implemented in all 113 retail stores in the province, and players have a chance to try it.

To pursue excellence, you must always seek improvement and add something new to the product and the entire experience. Lotto Quebec demonstrates its commitment in this direction through its latest collaboration with the cloud retail platform. Alice Force is good at reaching multiple locations and staying up to date, which means the new task fits the platform perfectly.

Cloud POS software that optimizes retail location
Retail kiosks across the province require optimization and a more efficient way of operating, which means new solutions have to be introduced. This is why the lottery company decided it would be best if Alice Force acquired the universal platform. With this measure, Lotto Quebec aims to achieve better monitoring across its sphere of influence.

The new introduction will ensure that all retailers meet efficiency expectations and company-set standards.Was a special time. Because NEOPOS made an offer and put forward Alice POS when the lottery company was still looking for a reliable partner. Alice POS was recommended as a point-of-sale solution that could match Lotto Quebec’s proficiency at the time.

With the introduction of Alice Force, all locations will have the opportunity to maintain a stable communication channel and send and receive information in real time. The kiosk can also connect directly with non-profit organizations that oversee operations and establish healthy relationships. In addition, Lotto Quebec’s headquarters have direct access to the information provided by the new platform.

Lotto Quebec Committed to Innovation 바카라사이트
Steven Raymond, vice president of sales at NEOPOS, noted that because the platform was built with the network in mind, there is the potential to turn communication and retail operations into a painless experience. As with all new introductions, this introduction has mandated extensive training for all employees who interact directly with the platform.

Sylvain Henry, retail sales manager at Roto Quebec, said Alice Force aims to actively collaborate in the training phase of the partnership to ensure employees are well aware of the full functionality. With the help of this improved monitoring approach, the local gambling sector is expected to improve at organized crime levels. In November 2018, force software was installed throughout the retail branch to complete the process.

Lottery companies will now have considerable control over the software because they can manage it on their own. The supplier may interfere when necessary. Innovation has been the company’s main goal, as it can remember Roto-Québec’s partnership with Evolution Gaming in early January. This collaboration will provide live casinos throughout the province.

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