‘Longest losing streak ever’ Pepper goes 102 days without a win

The Pepper Savings Bank Women’s Professional Volleyball Team shook its head again. They couldn’t shake off the feeling of defeat and had no hunger or desire for victory.

Pepper Savings Bank lost the Dodram 2023~2024 V-League women’s match against Heungkuk Life Insurance with a set score of 1-3 (14-25 25-22 16-25 15-25) at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on Tuesday.

The defeat was a stinging reminder of their power deficit. The team managed to level the match by winning the second set, but then collapsed in the first, third, and fourth sets. The offense that relied on Yasmin (28 points) once again proved to be limited, and Park Jung-ah, who had 12 points, had a low attack percentage of 27.78%. The team also committed 21 errors, compared to 12 for Heungkuk Sinsaengsim.

Pepper Savings Bank, which set a record for the longest losing streak in the V-League Women’s Division with 21 consecutive defeats after losing to IBK on March 10, also lost to Jeonggwanjang and Heungkuk Life, bringing its losing streak to 23. The team needs to end the losing streak as soon as possible and has only six games left to play.

Pepper Savings Bank, which has been confirmed to finish last this season, has only two wins (28 losses and 8 points). They have one win each against Korea Expressway Corporation and GS Caltex. Their last win was against GS Caltex on November 10 last year, and they haven’t won in over three months. A whopping 102 days without a win.

Since its inception in the 2021-2022 season, Pepper Savings Bank has been at the bottom of the leaderboard in both seasons and has had a disastrous 토토 record. In 2021-2022, the team went 3-28, and last season, the team suffered 31 losses (5 wins), the most in a single season in V-League history.

In desperate need of a turnaround, Pepper Savings Bank made aggressive moves to climb out of the bottom of the table ahead of this season. New head coach Joe Trinzi took the helm and brought in two of the league’s top strikers in Park Jung-ah and outside hitter (left back) Chae Sun-ah.

However, through rounds 1-5, Pepper Savings Bank hasn’t shown any signs of change from the past two seasons, and is approaching the record for most losses in a season. They are on the verge of breaking the record again.

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