Lee Jung-hoo’s time, big players are flocking in.

Otani’s drama is coming to an end, and now it’s Lee Jung-hoo’s time.

Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese ‘superstar’ in the American Major League who has given rise to much speculation, has decided on a new home. It’s the LA Dodgers.

A 10-year contract worth a total of $700 million, an unbelievable amount of money, has become a reality. The price of the best player in the big leagues, who can aim for MVP as both a pitcher and a hitter, was beyond imagination.

This Major League Stove League was a stage of Ohtani, by Ohtani, and for Ohtani. Attention was focused not only in the United States but also around the world. Otani’s whereabouts have finally been sorted out.

Now it is the turn of the other players to decide their destinations.

The player who is attracting attention is Lee Jeong-hoo. He qualified for posting while playing for Kiwoom Heroes. We showed our will to enter the U.S. early on and have been preparing. He has already been posted. 먹튀검증 He has a status that allows him to freely negotiate with 30 teams.

The reason there was quiet news about Lee Jung-hoo was not because major league teams were not interested in him.

The Otani contract came first. It is highly likely that the fate of the largest fish had an influence. The list of teams that wanted Ohtani and the teams that were watching Lee Jung-hoo were almost similar. The San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres are considered as likely destinations for Lee Jeong-hoo, and both teams were mentioned as candidates for recruiting Ohtani.

In particular, in the case of San Francisco, general manager Pete Putilla visited Gocheok Sky Dome to watch Lee Jeong-hoo’s final game of the season, and in this recruitment campaign for Ohtani, he also took a very proactive step by conducting a tour of Ohtani’s stadium.

Now that Otani’s destination has been decided, it is time for each team to focus on strengthening other positions.

This means that Lee Jeong-hoo’s time has come. In the major leagues, contracts are generally arranged starting with high-level players, and contracts proceed sequentially.

While Otani’s contract was in progress, San Diego transformed into a ‘super typhoon’ in the Stove League. He was already a strong candidate, but star player Juan Soto was traded to the New York Yankees to make room for Lee Jung-hoo. We can also expect a synergy effect between Koreans and Kim Ha-seong. As with baseball, we can expect good results at the box office. San Diego is one of the areas where many Koreans live. It’s also close to LA.

San Francisco is still a team to keep an eye on.

Since they failed to recruit Ohtani, there was room to make a bigger investment in Lee Jeong-hu.

The New York Mets, a wealthy team, also remain in trouble. The Mets are a team desperate for reinforcements in the outfield. They can reload live ammunition better than any other team.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees, who took Soto and also recruited another outfielder, Trent Grisham, are expected to withdraw from the recruitment campaign for Lee Jung-hoo. Another variable is that if San Francisco turns to Cody Bellinger instead of Lee Jung-hoo for the center field position, there may be one less option.

Lee Jeong-hoo’s ransom was estimated locally to be between $50 and $70 million. In general, it is a large contract, but compared to Otani, 메이저 토토사이트 it seems relatively small at 10% of the total.

Now that there is a full-fledged recruitment competition, there is a possibility that the price will rise further.

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