Kwon Ho-joon, Lim Yun-mi, ‘Gyeongnam Goseong-gun Wanted’ men’s and women’s pocket championship

Kwon Ho-joon and Lim Yoon-mi won the men’s and women’s pocket 10-ball titles at the Gyeongnam Goseong-gun Wanted. Kwon is a two-time champion this year, while Lim is the first national champion in two years. English Billiards was won by ‘Korea’s No. 2’ Lee Dae-gyu and snooker by Hwang Yong. In the high school men’s and women’s 3-cushion, Park Jung-woo and Kim So-won took first place.

Kwon Ho-joon and Lim Yoon-mi won the men’s and women’s pocketball titles… Lee Dae-gyu in English Billiards and Hwang Yong in snooker.

Kwon Ho-jun (Incheon City Sports Association), the No. 2 player in Korea, defeated Jang Moon-seok (No. 5, Jeonnam Billiard Federation) with a set score of 9:6 in the pocket 10-ball final of the ‘2023 Goseonggun National Billiard Championship’ held at the Goseong-gun National Sports Center in Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam, on the 2nd. Ha Min-wook (No. 1, Busan City Sports Association) and Park Sung-woo (Gimpo City Sports Association) took third place.

With this victory, Kwon won his second national title in over five months, following his victory in March at the Gyeongju National Championships.

Lim Yoon-mi (4th, Seoul Metropolitan Government) came from behind to win the women’s pocket 10-ball final 8:7 against Seo Seo-ah (1st, Jeonnam Billiards Federation). The victory marks a return to the top of the podium for Lim, who hasn’t won a trophy since winning the event in 2021. In third place were Han So-ye (No. 8, Ulsan Billiard Federation) and Lee Hae-lin (Incheon City Sports Association).

In the English Billiards, Lee Dae-gyu (2nd, Incheon City Sports Association) won the title after defeating “Korea’s No. 1” Hwang Chul-ho (Jeju Billiards Federation) with a frame score of 2:0 (100:46, 100:64). Hwang Yong (5th, Ulsan Billiards Federation) and Kim Young-rak (7th, Daejeon Billiards Federation) finished in third place.

In snooker, Hwang Yong (4th) defeated Park Yong-jun (2nd, Jeonnam Billiard Federation) with a frame score of 2:0 (50:29, 61:21) to win the title one year and one month after the ‘Jeong-eup Billiard Championship’ in July last year. Heo Se-yang (1st, Chungnam Sports Federation) and Lee Dae-gyu (3rd) finished third.
3-Cushion High School Men’s and Women’s Park Jung-woo and Kim So-won won…High School Pocket Song Na-kyung took first place

In the high school men’s 3-cushion final, Park Jung-woo (Gyeongdong High School Seolbang Tongo) defeated Won Jae-yoon (Bongil Cheongo) 25:13 in 13 innings to win the title. Kim Gun-yoon (Dongnae High School) and Cho Young-yoon (Jeonju) took third place.

In the high school girls’ 3-cushion final, defending champion Kim So-won (Seongil Information Center) defeated Ahn Soo-hyun 바카라 (Daesung Girls’ High School) 18:12 (22 innings) to win her second straight title. In third place were Park Se-hwa and Chae Seung-eun (Incheon Girls’ High School).

In the Secondary 3 cushion, Song Yoon-do defeated Oh Eun-seok (Chuncheon Middle) 18:15 (15 games), and in the Primary 1 cushion, Kim Seung-soo (Hwawoncho) defeated Lim Se-min 25:17 (20 games).

In the high school final, Song Na-kyung (Hanbit High School) defeated Park So-yul (Incheon Girls’ High School Seolbang Tonggo) with a set score of 6:3, and in the elementary and secondary division, Heo Yeo-rim (Sindo Middle School) defeated Lee Ji-won (Ginam High School) to take first place. [Kim Dong-woo, MK Billboard News reporter].

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