Korea-Japan international exchange game to be held in Okinawa, Japan, from December 14 to 19.

Japan’s international exchange match will consist of a large squad of 70 players, including Kim Dal-woo (Haman BC in Gyeongnam), who was selected from all over the country, and will be divided into elementary and middle schools to hold an international exchange match with the Japanese Okinawa regional team.

The Korean Youth Baseball Federation’s first international exchange match began in 2013 in Matsuyama, Japan, and the national team will compete with the regional national team through exchange and cooperation with Japan’s Okinawa Baseball Association as the 16th national team.

Choi Seung-yong (Doosan Bears), Oh Sang-won (Kium Heroes), Kwon Dong-hyuk (LG Twins), and Park Ji-ho (Doosan Bears) are among the players who have been active as professional baseball players after the league’s national team, while Park Kun-woo (Chungam High School 2) and Im Jin-mook (Gyeonggi Commercial High School 2) are active in high school as the first candidates for KBO rookie nomination next year.

Kwon Oh-hyun (Gyeonggi Namyangju Yanol Youth Baseball Team), who was selected as the general manager of the national team to play in the Korea-Japan international exchange game, said, “Our Korea Youth Baseball Federation aims to improve and broaden our knowledge of youth baseball players through overseas baseball games. It will also be a great opportunity to experience various foreign cultures other than baseball in Okinawa, which is warm in winter.”

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