Koo Ja-rook hit his first home run in an exhibition game

Samsung Lions franchise star Koo Ja-rook hit his first home run in an exhibition game to lead the team to victory.

Koo started in left field at No. 3 against the NC Dinos in a home game at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on April 16. In the top of the first inning with the bases loaded, Koo took a cut fastball from NC starter Kyle Hart for a single to right field. Kang Min-ho followed with a walk and scored on Oh Jae-il’s single to right.

Koo took a 1-0 lead in the third inning with the bases loaded and Hart’s first-pitch slider for a 115-meter, two-run home run. It was his first multi-hit game in six days, since May 10 against Hanwha in Daejeon. Samsung defeated NC 3-2 and won its second straight exhibition game. Manager Park Jin-man welcomed the franchise star’s performance, saying, “The whole team is feeling better as Guo’s hitting is improving.”

Gu, 카지노사이트 who went 2-for-3 with two doubles (one home run), two RBIs and two runs scored, said, “I was focusing on my fastball because he was a left-hander and it was my first time seeing him. The slider came in and I was lucky to get a good one.”

The game was highlighted by the performance of the “left-handed duo” of Koo and Oh Jae-il

Koo had two hits, including a home run, two RBIs and two runs scored, while Oh had two hits and one RBI, including a leadoff single.

“In spring training, Jae-il worked really hard with his brother. We talked about hitting with each other, and Jae-il learned a lot from him, and when I was having a bad day, he checked me out,” said Koo. “I wasn’t feeling well until yesterday, but I felt good when Jae-il was batting with his brother. I was able to hit a home run thanks to him,” he said.

Samsung ranked last in bullpen ERA (5.16) among the 10 teams last year, but as of the 16th, the team is leading in bullpen ERA (1.86) in exhibition games.

“I think there is a pitch-clock effect, but I feel that the defense time has been shortened a lot. Both new and old pitchers are pitching with confidence. Whether it’s in the dugout or in the outfield, there’s something about the game that makes me feel comfortable,” he said.

“We need to score a lot of runs for the pitchers, but the hitters haven’t done a good job yet. Pitchers shine when they win, but if our batters help us a lot, I think the pitchers will shine too.”

Koo was replaced by Kim Heon-gon after being hit on the little finger of his right hand by a pitch from left-hander Jin Hae-soo in a game against Lotte in Daegu on April 14.

After being examined at Gyeongsan Semyung Hospital, Gu was found to have no serious injuries. “As a result of the examination, 메이저사이트 there is no abnormality in the bone of the little finger of his right hand,” a club official said.

Diagnosed with a simple bruise, Gu was able to return to the field on the 15th. Coach Park Jin-man said, “I’m glad nothing happened. It’s time to rest today, but he’s determined to play. He’s going to improve his practical sense.” “It wasn’t a serious injury, and I thought Lotte players would be very sorry if I couldn’t play on the 15th. I just went out to play as usual,” she said.

On her first multi-hit game in six days, Gu said, “There’s no pressure to perform. The most important thing is to make my swing at the plate. Unlike the regular season, the process is more important than the result,” he emphasized.

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