Konkuk University shared one win each in an exchange match with Osaka Industrial University, which began in 2003.

Konkuk University won the first match on the 22nd (90-68) after completely overwhelming Osaka Industrial University without even allowing a tie.

As the match was held the next day after arriving in Korea, Osaka Korean Industrial University players seemed to be in an abnormal condition. Osaka Korean Industrial University had a practice match with Samyoung University on Sunday to improve its performance.

Konkuk University bowed its head to an 11-point difference (65-76) after playing with Freddie on the bench in the second face-off on the 24th.

It was a close game with a toss-up until the third quarter, but in the fourth quarter, Konkuk University’s defense was broken down by Osaka Industrial University’s breakthrough, and the error led to a two-digit score gap.

Usually, face-offs take place on campus, but this year, Osaka National University of Technology came to Jeju Island, the winter training site of Konkuk University.

“8 to 9 years ago, Osaka Industrial University came to Jeju Island and had a good experience,” said Hwang Joon-sam, head coach of Konkuk University. “We were originally going to train in Japan, but we had to stay in Jeju Island for a long time because the schedule didn’t match. We had to invite them, but Osaka Industrial University said it was possible to visit at this time, so we held an exchange exhibition in Jeju Island. We also called Sangmyung University at the same time,” he explained why the exchange exhibition was held on Jeju Island.

Osaka National University of Technology has Udere Joshua, who is in charge of under the basket like Freddie, but he did not accompany him due to injury. Considering that Konkuk University’s defense and outside shooting accuracy fell when Freddie was excluded from the second showdown, it shows that Osaka National University of Technology is stronger than what it showed in the exchange match. Osaka National University of Technology won in the Kansai area last year.

“I understood why we won the title last year. There was a player like Freddie, but he couldn’t come because of his injury. There is a difference between having and not having Freddie,” Hwang said. “Even without him, we have confidence that we won the title in the Osaka region.” If he were there, he would have played an interesting game. However, he would have had a hard time adjusting to the situation as he played as soon as he arrived in Korea. He has definitely raised the level,” he praised Osaka National University of Technology.

It is the 21st consecutive exchange match. This is the 19th time they have had a showdown due to COVID-19.

“In a way, it’s been a long time. It was meaningful to play in Jeju Island. As we play with teams with different styles, we had a great experience,” Hwang said. “We will have our 20th face-to-face meeting next year. It is the meaning of exchange and we are closer than friends for over 20 years.”

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