“If you’re a K League coach, you stay in Korea, but a national team coach has to be international. “Jürgen Klinsmann, head coach of the South Korean national soccer team, responded to fans’ criticisms of his ‘frequent trips abroad’ and ‘K League dominance’ by saying, “I think they are concerned because my way of working is different from other managers. I will continue my way for a good performance at the Asian Cup,” he emphasized. On the 9th, Klinsmann held a press conference at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) in preparation for the team’s two October A matches and once again explained his thoughts on his long stay abroad since taking over.

In August, he also spoke to reporters and said, “Just because I don’t keep appearing in front of you doesn’t mean I’m taking a break. I’m a ‘workaholic’ just like Koreans,” Klinsmann said in August, and this time he emphasized his “work philosophy” in response to a similar question .”I’ve been listening to Korean public opinion over and over again. “I think there is a concern because the role and way of working of the national team manager is different from the previous managers that fans are used to,” he said, adding, “The national team manager should be international. If you’re a K League coach, you stay in Korea, but the national team coach’s role is different. I continue to work wherever I am. My life is always this busy,” he emphasized.

“As a national team coach, you have to be aware of your domestic players, as well as your opponents’ preparation and the performance of key players. It’s important to see and analyze a lot of things 토토사이트 overseas with an international perspective.” “All the teams Korea will face are overseas. In addition, key players are in overseas leagues, which is different from K League managers.” “The national team has to play international matches. I watch a lot of K League games, and I also watch a lot of games overseas and meet overseas players. I will continue my way of working in order to do well at the Asian Cup,” he added.

“If there is a soccer talk show in Korea, please invite me,” he laughed in response to concerns that he might not be able to focus on Korean soccer because of his “two jobs” such as an ESPN panel. “World soccer is fast-paced,” Klinsmann said. “As a manager, you have to keep up to date with the changes in modern soccer,” he said, “and it’s not just ESPN, it’s the BBC and Sky Sports. You have to keep up with what’s going on.”


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