Kim On-ah and Kim Seon-hwa Score 10 Goals Together

Sisters Kim On-ah and Kim Seon-hwa Score 10 Goals Together… Samcheok City Hall Maintains 4th Place in Handball League

Its Samcheok City Hall won two consecutive home games in the Handball H-League thanks to the performances of sisters Kim On-ah and Kim Seon-hwa, who scored 10 goals together. 파워볼

Samcheok City Hall, led by coach Lee Gye-cheong, won 24-21 against Gwangju City Corporation in the 3rd round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League Women’s Division held at Samcheok Citizen’s Gymnasium in Gangwon-do on the 17th.

The Samcheok City Hall, who defeated Incheon City Hall 25-21 at the same venue on the 10th, swept both games held in Samcheok over the past two weeks and recorded 9 wins, 1 draw, and 6 losses.

Samcheok City Hall, which recorded 19 points, widened the gap with 5th place Busan Facility Corporation (13 points) to 6 points.

In the women’s division, the top 4th place out of 8 teams will advance to the postseason.

Last season’s winning team, Samcheok City Hall, led the attack on this day with Kim Seon-hwa scoring 6 goals and Kim On-ah scoring 4 goals.

Her younger sister Kim Seon-hwa moved to Samcheok City Hall ahead of this season and was able to share a meal with her older sister.

In the Gwangju Urban Development Corporation, Kim Ji-hyun scored 7 goals alone.

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