Kim Ana, who filled the vacancy of Kim Jong-un and Jihyun Shin?

Bucheon Hana One Q met Cheongju KB Stars in the fourth round of Woori Bank’s Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball match held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 19th and unfortunately lost 74-77.

Hana One Q actively engaged in off-season activities this season. It recruited Kim Jong-un (179 cm, F), one of the biggest fish, through FA. It successfully transfused veteran players who had longed for it. It also recruited energy generators through trade afterwards. The results in the first half were satisfactory. The team recorded six wins and 10 losses. It has achieved double-digit wins, which it had targeted, and is nearing the playoff.

However, the team failed to maintain such momentum in the second half. In the first game of the second half, it won against BNK Sum in Busan. However, it lost both games since then. It suffered a crushing defeat in the game against Asan Woori Bank.

The bigger problem was the match against KB. Kim Jong Un and Jihyun Shin (174 cm, G) will not be present. The two players are key players of Hana One Q this season. Hana One Q coach Kim Do-wan even said in an interview before the match that his team’s cap is all out.

Hana One Q’s biggest weakness this season is its scoring ability. Its average score is 62.1 points, the third lowest in the league. However, its average score is 62.3 points, the fifth lowest in the league. In particular, its average score against Woori Bank and KB, which are classified as strong teams, drops to 54 points. Without Jihyun Shin and Kim Jong-un, Hana Q’s team was expected to face major problems in its offense.

However, Hana One Q performed unexpectedly well. Kim Ana (165 cm tall), who came out as the mainstay, opened fire. She scored two consecutive goals following a steal in the early part of the first quarter. Kim Si-on (174 cm tall, G) added strength to this. She scored five points including three-point free throws. The two players combined for 12 points in the first quarter. Thanks to the two players’ performances, Hana One Q did not significantly lower the mood in the first quarter.

“In the second quarter, Hana One Q had the upper hand. Kim Ana scored the first goal. Starting with this, the players evenly scored. In particular, Kim added a three-point shot and a fastball score. At 4:09 into the quarter, she scored a come-from-behind goal with her own hands. Hana One Q succeeded in a 15-5 run.

Kim Ana, who was playing hard in the middle of the quarter, left the court for rest. Kim Si-on took the center stage. On top of that, Go Seo-yeon (171 cm, G) showed her presence outside the team. She scored a three-point shot and a breakthrough. Adding to this, Yang In-young (181 cm, C) continued a tight race.

There was a power difference. But the players were not afraid of the opponent. They actively tried to attack. After the defensive success, they tried a fast attack. They also scored a fast attack. They also targeted mismatches in set offensives. Kim Ana and Kim Si-on took the center stage, and it was the result of young players’ performance.

Kim Ana and Kim Si-on, who displayed their best performances in the first half, remained quiet in the third quarter. As a result, they were all tied with one point in the first three minutes and 51 seconds of the quarter. On the contrary, they failed to control Kang Yi-seul (180 centimeters, F), and the gap widened to double digits.

They could give up. However, Hana One Q players did not give up. They faced off even stronger. Yang performed his role under the basket and displayed fighting spirit. To this end, younger players displayed better energy levels. Go Seo-yeon even scored an outer point. Korea finished the third quarter 53-63.

There was a gap in score, but the Hana One Q players fought until the end. Um Seo-i (173 cm, F) claimed to be a new stealer. On top of that, Jeong Ye-rim (175 cm, F), who had no goal throughout the game, successfully made 3-pointer. Kim Ana’s fastball score and Um Seo-i’s free throw scored the team’s goal to narrow the gap to three points. After that, she successfully defended herself. She had a chance to tie the game 15 seconds before the end of the game. Kim Ana, who displayed her best performance, took the final shot. However, this shot turned a blind eye to Lim and was Hana One Q, which lost the game unfortunately.

Although he lost, he fought until the end despite the absence of key players, Hana One Q coach Kim Do-wan expressed satisfaction in an interview after the match, saying, “I wish the players would always do this. Then you can just clap.”

In particular, Kim Ana, who took the center stage with 17 points and five steals, said, “She was so good. In fact, Anna’s mother came to watch the game. I feel even better to play this game before she left.”

Although Kim missed the most important last shot, her performance was enough to receive applause. Kim played a meaningful game in front of her family.

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