Kershaw decided to extend his active duty and underwent shoulder surgery- Will the 210-win legend return to the Dodgers

Kershaw announced the shoulder surgery on his SNS on the 4th (Korean time).

The operation was performed by Dr. Neil Elatrache. Dr. Elatrache is also familiar to Korean fans. Ryu Hyun-jin has performed two surgeries since entering the Major League, all of which were performed by Dr. Elatrice. He also recently operated on Shohei Ohtani and Woo-jin Ahn (Kium Heroes).

As Ryu Hyun-jin has rehabilitated for a little more than a year, Kershaw is expected to take that long. 

“I’m hoping to throw it again at some point next summer,” Kershaw said.

Kershaw had a hard time this season with a shoulder injury. Despite being out of power for a while, Kershaw saved face as an ace by recording 13 wins and 5 losses, an ERA of 2.46 and 137 strikeouts in 131 ⅔ innings in 24 games.

In fact, Kershaw has been battling a shoulder injury. In 2019, the season opened on the injured list due to shoulder inflammation.

The shoulder injury that continued to bother him eventually broke out in fall baseball. The restraint was noticeably slowed, and the limitations could be confirmed.

Kershaw started Game 1 of the Division Series against Arizona, but he had a shocking result of allowing six hits, one homer, one walk and six runs in ⅓ innings.

be joined by Kershaw’s lackluster performanceJus suffered the humiliation of eliminating the division series. It was simply an exodus.

Kershaw entered the game with a shocking fall baseball performance. He is on the verge of extending his active career and retiring. The Dodgers also decided to wait for his decision.

Kershaw cannot fully play the 2024 season with this surgery. We need to see the progress of rehabilitation, but we may not be able to throw it at all next year.

This is also expected to be a variable in his FA contract. Kershaw’s salary this season is $20 million. Attention is also focusing on whether to continue his relationship with the Dodgers or sign a contract with another team, and on what scale he will sign.

Until now, Kershaw has been said to be likely to choose one of the three: renewing his contract with the Dodgers, signing a contract with his hometown team Texas Rangers, or retiring.

There is a possibility of signing a contract with more weight, such as placing options or placing incentives next season rather than the 2024 season. The fact that he will turn 36 in the opening game next year alone is a variable.

The fact that he had surgery itself is interpreted as an indication of his willingness to extend his active duty.

Kershaw is the ace of the Dodgers. After making his big league debut in 2008, he became a top pitcher. He has 210 wins, 92 losses and a 2.48 ERA. He has always played only for the Dodgers and has built a big personal career, including three Cy Young Awards and five ERA titles.


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