KBL All-Star Game changed its participation list due to injury

KBL said in a press release on the 11th, “As KT Huh Hoon and SK Kim Sun-hyung, who were selected as All-Star, were unable to participate in the All-Star game due to injury, Kang Sang-jae, the next-ranked DB of All-Star fan voting, and Choi Sung-won, the head of Jeong, were selected as substitutes, respectively. Kang Sang-jae and Choi Sung-won will join the Gongjari team and participate in the pre-event and main event on the first day of the All-Star Game.”

Heo suffered a calf injury in the match against Wonju DB on Tuesday. According to a medical examination on Tuesday, he was diagnosed with a ruptured fascia in his left calf for three weeks before the surgery, and hospital examination revealed that Kim Sun-hyung had a ruptured ligament in his right ankle after suffering an injury in the match against Changwon LG on Tuesday.

Heo Hoon came in second with 141,655 votes in the All-Star fan vote, while Kim Sun-hyung came in 10th with 92,721 votes. As both were high in the rankings, fans had high expectations for their performance at the All-Star Game. However, they cannot participate in the All-Star Game as they have to rest due to injury.

Instead of Heo Hoon and Kim Sun-hyung, Kang Sang-jae, the 26th-ranked DB voting, and Choi Sung-won, the 27th-ranked Anyang Jeonggwanjang, were selected as substitutes.

Earlier on the 8th, KBL replaced Heo Il-young, 25th, as Seoul Samsung’s Lee Won-seok was absent due to an injury. In addition, Jeong Gwan-gwan Lens Abando, who was scheduled to participate in the Dunk Contest, also announced that he would be absent due to an injury.

In addition, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Kim Kook-chan, who was injured, will not be able to participate in the 3-point shooting contest, and Kebe Aluma will not be able to participate in the dunk contest.

A total of six people, including Heo Hoon, Kim Sun-hyung, Lee Won-seok, Abando, Kim Kook-chan and Aluma, were missing from the All-Star Game at the Sono Arena in Goyang on the 14th due to injuries.


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