Jung Soo-geun is charged with assaulting his wife again

Former professional baseball player Jung Soo-geun (46) was handed over to the police on charges of hitting his wife’s head with a golf club.

Namyangju Southern Police Station in Gyeonggi Province announced on the 21st that it has booked Jung Soo-geun on charges of special assault.

Jung Soo-geun is suspected of drinking at home at around 5 a.m. on the 20th and hitting his wife A (34) on the forehead once with a golf club.

A reportedly reported to the police to the effect that he was assaulted with a golf club by his husband. The police, who were dispatched after receiving the report, arrested Jeong at the scene.

Jeong Su-geun is known to have denied the allegations in a police investigation. The police have taken measures to return home first, and plan to call him back soon to investigate the case.

Earlier on the afternoon of the 21st of last month, Jung Soo-geun was booked without detention on charges of injuring his head by wielding a beer bottle to a group of people who were drinking together at a bar.

Meanwhile, Jung Soo-geun is known to have admitted all the crimes in a police investigation.


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