Jeju Island, Nexon, and Jeju United FC (hereinafter referred to as Jeju Utd) signed a business agreement to promote youth soccer competitions at the Jeju National University gymnasium on the 15th. This agreement was made to lay the foundation for Jeju Island to become a center of youth soccer by successfully hosting the youth festival competition ‘Ground N Stove League in Jeju’.

Governor Oh Young-hoon said, “At the Stove League held in Jeju, young people and sports players from the Asian region will train together and expand the space for exchange, growing into a leading player in Asia’s common prosperity.” He added, “We will continue to run the Stove League successfully.” “I will do my best,” he said.

Park Jeong-moo, head of Nexon Korea’s FC Publishing Group, said, “We will be more than happy if the players show that they are training hard and showing their best skills,” and added, “We will make great efforts with Jeju Island and Jeju Utd to continue holding the event.”

Chang-yong Koo, CEO of Jeju Utd, said, “I hope that the players who participated in the Stove League will grow into world-class players and that they will later look back on their memories of Jeju as the foundation for their growth.” He added, “We will prepare hard to run the Stove League better.” “I will support you,” he emphasized.

‘Ground N Stove League in Jeju’, hosted and organized by the Korea Professional Football League and Jeju United FC and sponsored by Jeju Island and Nexon, will be held from the 11th to the 20th at soccer fields throughout Jeju City, including Jocheon Gymnasium, Jeju National University Stadium, and Jeju Namnyeong High School. is being held in

K-League youth teams such as Jeju Utd, Ulsan HD, Busan I-Park, Pohang Steelers, Suwon FC, Chungbuk Cheongju FC, and Seoul E-Land FC, as well as Jeju local teams such as Jeju Jeil Middle School, Deren FC (Mongolia), and Persive Bandung (Indonesia) A total of 13 teams participated, including overseas youth teams such as ), 스포츠토토존 Oita Trinata (Japan), and PVF (Vietnam).

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