Japanese lawmakers considering allowing poker to enter casinos

The finish line appears to be approaching Japanese lawmakers who are currently working on a second casino bill discussing whether to allow poker in the casino area of the integrated resort.

Japan, which is on the brink of casino market regulation, faces another important problem: the kind of games that will go into the casino floor. Poker emerged in the heat of discussion.

Proponents of poker’s entry into Japanese casino resorts pointed out that it is one of the most played games in the world, which will give additional vitality to the development of the region’s casino industry and attract more foreign visitors.

Japan’s advisory committee released an outline of the regulation at a special committee appointed by the government to control the game regulation process, aimed at controlling the gambling industry in the Rising Sun. In addition, the regulations included information about the types of games.

It has been reported that casinos will be allowed to offer games based entirely on coincidence, not technology. That way, all players will have equal chances to win or lose. According to the proposal, games such as roulette, blackjack, and bakara will be found in the game selection of Japanese casinos once they start operating.

It was revealed on the surface that the committee recommended banning sports betting and games that visitors can play among themselves to prevent illegal activities.

Given that poker is a game that relies heavily on luck and technology, it is unlikely that it will enter Japanese casino resorts, but there seem to be supporters among officials who explain all the benefits of getting the game into the casino.

Naoya Kihara, the first Japanese to win the Poker World Championship, explained that many people visit casino facilities to play poker. The approval of the proposed changes, along with strict rules on operations, could further disrupt the development of the casino industry.

Japan agreed to join the casino market regulation , which aims to boost tourism by attracting more foreign tourists, but appears to be considering introducing too strict restrictions that could seriously hurt the casino industry even before the market starts in Japan. Earlier this month, experts even recommended that lawmakers adopt a freer approach if they want to achieve their goals successfully.


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