“It’s much more fun than the national team game.”

England managed to win 1-0 against Serbia in the first leg of Group C of Euro 2024. In the second leg, it was only a 1-1 draw against Denmark. Criticism is mounting against the England national team. It is said that it has the strongest member ever, but the reality is different. It is not even close to the favorite.

After the match against Denmark, Southgate said: “It wasn’t how we wanted to look. We didn’t own enough balls. We have to accept that it will be as difficult as it is now. We have another level to look for. We played against a fairly defensive team, we struggled under their pressure. We have to do better in the next game. Not owning the ball was a problem as well.”

The English soccer fans were angry at this. It destroyed the pride of soccer fans. This is why they are doing their best to mock the national team. They are serious fans in mocking the national team. A video was released, and English soccer fans cheered, saying that it was more fun than the national team’s performance. What kind of video will it be.

The Daily Star of the U.K. reported the story. On the day of the match between England and Denmark, a soccer fan was dozing off in front of a restaurant when he was wearing an England national team t-shirt. Others put a plastic beer mug on top of his head. Then, one by one, approached him and poured beer into the cup. Surprisingly, however, the glass was holding on to its head. Surprisingly, it didn’t fall off his head. In the end, the video ended with the beer mug dropping. The video spread instantly and received enthusiastic attention from English fans.토토사이트넷

England fans reacted with “much more fun than the England match,” “The man must have fallen asleep watching the England match,” “He looked more balanced than the England match,” “It’s more exciting than Denmark’s boring 1-1 draw,” and “The funniest thing England has done this Euros.”

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