Its Jo Kyu-seong is Clear and Hwang Ui-jo is Cloudy

Jo Kyu-seong is Clear and Hwang Ui-jo is Cloudy

Klinsmann frontline weather map different from June

Hwang Ui-jo will not be able to compete for about a month… Jo Kyu-seong,

who returned from injury, also shook off the attack point Oh Hyun-gyu from injury…

There is also an ‘EPL hat trick’ Son Heung-min card as the top player.

The area to pay attention to at Lake Klinsmann during the September international match (match between national teams) is the front line.

Korean National Soccer Team

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jürgen Klinsmann, a former world-class striker, has yet to have a ‘built-in striker’.

This is because among the ‘European trio’ Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City),

Cho Gyu-seong (Midtjylland), and Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic), there is no player who can make a splash.

Until June, Hwang Ui-jo’s prospects seemed the brightest. 온라인카지노

In the 4th minute of the second half of the game against El Salvador, Klinsmann’s last game,

he overtook the defense with his personal skills in the penalty area,

then turned around and hit the net with a right-footed shot.

Coach Klinsmann

He must have impressed Coach Klinsmann deeply as he showed off his individual skills and announced the goal while his competitors remained silent.

However, the recent situation is the bleakest for Hwang Ui-jo among the three.

This is because he did not get a chance to play in the new season

after returning from FC Seoul to his original team, Nottingham Forest (England).

In Nottingham’s pre-season, he appeared in six consecutive games,

raising expectations, but did not get a chance after the opening,

eventually went on loan to Norwich City in the second division.

Friendly Match

Since the friendly match against Stade Rennes (France) on the 3rd of last month,

he has not played a single game in practice.

In fact, it was not a situation that could be laughed at, as not only Hwang Ui-jo,

but also Cho Kyu-seong and Oh Hyun-gyu were injured ahead of the September international match.

Still, the two players succeeded in returning on time.

Cho Gyu-seong

In particular, Cho Gyu-seong made his comeback on the 1st of this month and appears to be rebounding,

playing 86 minutes against Aarhus on the 4th and even recording an attack point.

After appearing limping during a league game on the 21st of last month and being substituted,

he missed the first leg of the UECL playoffs and the league game in succession,

but his performance after his return dispelled concerns.

Cho Gyu-seong, who raised his stock by scoring two goals against Ghana in the group stage of the Qatar World Cup,

was actually the player that Coach Klinsmann selected as a starter against Colombia in March, which was his debut game.

International Match Period

However, since he has performed poorly in the national team since then,

he must show performance to make up for it during this international match period.

Cho Gyu-seong also started as a starter in his last national team game,

against El Salvador in June, but missed all of his scoring opportunities.

Cho Gyu-seong, who is on the verge of a turnaround,

has the brightest prospects just by looking at his performance with his team.

This is because he chose to move to a team where he could advance to Europe but receive sufficient playing time.

After entering the Danish stage wearing a Midtjylland uniform in July,

UEFA Europa Conference League

Cho Gyu-seong scored three goals in the regular league and one goal in the UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL) preliminary round.

The youngest of the three, Oh Hyun-gyu, born in 2001, suffered an unexpected calf injury in the last game of the pre-season and his outlook rapidly darkened.

He was diagnosed as needing up to six weeks to recover, and if the treatment took longer, there was a possibility that he would not be able to properly play A matches.

Fortunately, Oh Hyun-gyu was brought on in the 31st minute of the second half of the rivalry game

with the Rangers on the 3rd, and played his first real game in over a month.

Oh Hyun-gyu

Before the injury, Oh Hyun-gyu’s performance wasn’t bad either.

In a friendly match against Athletic Bilbao, who suffered a calf injury,

Oh Hyun-kyu recorded an assist and helped the team to a 3-2 comeback win.

For the three strikers ahead of the friendly match against Wales on the 8th and Saudi Arabia on the 13th, the variable is captain Son Heung-min (Tottenham).

Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min proved the formidable power of his ‘fingernails’ last weekend.

As top striker Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) left and Brazilian striker Richarlison fell into a slump,

Tottenham (England) coach Angie Postecoglou brought out the ‘fingernail’ tactic of placing Son Heung-min in the top spot.

The result was a huge success.

Son Heung-min, who showed an overwhelming advantage in the speed competition with the opposing central defenders,

easily received the midfielders’ penetration passes and exploded for three goals.

Coach Klinsmann

Coach Klinsmann has placed Son Heung-min lower than the front line and entrusted him

with not only shooting and penetration, but also the development of attacks.

However, if Coach Klinsmann prioritizes ‘scoring ability’ over the defense,

physical fight, and linking ability at the front line,

he is likely to bring out the Son Heung-min card.

Son Heung-min was Coach Klinsmann’s ‘reliable man’ who was hungry for goals.

It was Son Heung-min who scored two goals and drew 2-2 against Colombia in March,

his debut as a Korean coach.

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