‘It’s a powerful mountain fortress, even then and now.’

Manager Kim Joo-sung is one of the stars of the franchise that symbolizes DB. He joined Sambo as the No. 1 player in the rookie draft in 2002. He only wore one uniform until his retirement in 2018. The number 32 that he used while playing in the active league remains a permanent member of DB. He rose to the leadership position a little suddenly. Coach Lee Sang-beom stepped down during the last season, taking responsibility for his poor performance. Coach Kim, who was the coach at the time, hurriedly took the helm as acting coach. This is the first time this season that he will start as an official head coach.

I was very interested in what kind of basketball he would show. In terms of the composition of the players, it is not shameful. Basically, Kim Jong-gyu and Kang Sang-jae, who were former members of the national team, are holding out. Foreigners such as Lee Sun-bano and Didric Lawson are also at the top of the list. However, looking back on past failures, frequent injuries to the main players had a big impact. I couldn’t pour out all the skills I had and lowered my head. It had to change. I sweated more in the offseason. I worked hard under coach Kim’s customized tasks. Kang Sang-jae lost nearly 10kg.

Kim said, “I wanted to find the unique color of DB. It is a reconstruction of the mountain fortress. DB has built the so-called Dongbu Fortress, which was continued by Kim, Yoon Ho-young, and Rod Besson in the 2011-2012 season when it was Dongbu. The solid wall was hardly visible. It was enough for the opposing team to feel pressure. At that time, Dongbu recorded an average of 67.9 lost points, establishing itself as the team with the fewest lost points in the season. “When I was a player, I was honored as a DB player, but now I am different. I wanted to come up with more diverse options,” Kim said.

It is a treasure only when marbles are sewn together. How to combine cards is also important. Coach Kim put forward a triple post. He boasts of attack power derived from height, led by Kang Sang-jae, Lawson, and Kim Jong-kyu. Prior to the match, he scored an average of 90.0 points, but lost 80.9 points, the lowest number of points after LG (76.7 points) and SK (77.0 points). Du Kyung-min, the MVP of 2018, was virtually classified aside from his previous record, but even Albano, the head coach of the field team, is performing well as MVP-level players. The cogs worked well.

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