It’s 14.6 billion won, and I’m about to renew my contract

Osimen Gets Highest Salary In Naples History… It’s 14.6 billion won, and I’m about to renew my contract

Italian media “Zanluca Dimarzo” said Osimen will receive an annual salary of 10 million euros and extend the contract period to 2026. The agreement between the player and the club is over. In addition, the buyout clause amounts to 150 million euros (about 218.8 billion won) and is not activated for Italian domestic teams for the first year.

Osimen became the top scorer of Italy’s Serie A in the 2022-2023 season, contributing greatly to the club’s first victory in 33 years. Along with defender Kim Min-jae and winger Hvicha Kbaratzhelia, he was considered the highest contributor. Osimen also won the top striker award.

A love call from a big club flew to Osimen, who made tangible results. Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and Real Madrid showed interest. But Aurelio Deraurentis, the chairman, snorted. Recently, he seduced Osimen from Saudi Arabia, but Napoli succeeded in tying him up by offering his own unconventional salary. For Napoli, it was a little easy to meet the player’s needs because players who moved from other countries receive tax benefits for high-quality manpower.

As a result, Napoli sent Kim Min-jae, who had a buyout clause, to Bayern Munich, and kept most of the main players except midfielder Piotr Zielinski just before he went to Saudi Arabia. Osimen and Kvaratzhelia have even renewed their contracts. Mariou Hui, who was dissatisfied with the club’s recent lukewarm move, is also reportedly negotiating a renewal of his contract after giving up his intention to transfer. 스포츠토토

Coach Luciano Spalletti’s departure was filled by coach Rudy Garcia. Instead of Kim Min-jae, he took on an adventure by recruiting Brazilian promising center back Natang. Zielinski’s position will be Spain’s top prospect, Gabri Beiga, who will be able to seek an upgrade. There is no absolute powerhouse in Serie A in the upcoming 2023-2024 season, so the possibility of Napoli achieving its second consecutive championship is open.

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