It will be a two-year contract worth 5 million dollars a year,” said Mark Feinsand, a reporter for the Major League’s

Probably, he will announce the contract tomorrow.”

Peddy, who played for the Washington Nationals from 2017 to last year, left 102 games with 21 wins, 33 losses and a 5.41 ERA. In particular, he won seven games (nine losses) in 2021, the most wins in a single season as an individual, and posted 6 wins and 13 losses last year.

Peddy, who visited Korea for the first time this season, ranked first in three categories: multiple wins, ERA, and most strikeouts with 20 wins and six losses with 2.00 strikeouts. “20 wins + 200 strikeouts” is the milestone achieved in 37 years since the instigation of the Haitai Tigers in 1986.

He also had the honor of achieving the fourth pitcher triple crown in KBO league history after Sun Dong-ryul, Hanwha Ryu Hyun-jin and KIA Yoon Seok-min.

“I felt like a stranger for the first time while playing baseball. It was a new environment. There was language barrier, too. So I tried hard to make them like me. The players welcomed me from the first day. I’m glad to be like my brother after all,” Pedi said.

“I am grateful to the KBO League. I was able to receive this award because I came to NC, a team. I didn’t expect this kind of ending, but I am so honored and happy,” he said. “I attended with hope that I could receive the MVP award. I am very happy to receive it in person.”

“If it weren’t for my teammates, I wouldn’t have been able to win the prize. I want to say we are brothers until the end. I am also grateful to Coach Kang In-kwon, coaches and staff,” he said. “I want to give this honor to the city of Changwon as well. Many citizens have helped me. Changwon will be my second home wherever I go from now on.”


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