Is there a big leaguer with more money than Kim Ha-sung?

The blackmail controversy involving San Diego Padres pitcher Kim Ha-seong continues unabated.

In February 2021, Kim accused his junior, Lim Hye-dong, of blackmail. In February 2021, a fight broke out over alcohol, and Kim paid a whopping $400 million to settle the case. However, despite the settlement, Lim recently demanded money from Kim again.

Ms. Lim claimed through the media that Kim repeatedly assaulted her and gaslighted her. He is now suing her for defamation.

It’s unclear why Kim Ha-sung, who denies assaulting her, would pay her a huge sum of 400 million won. In February 2021, the country was in the midst of a severe COVID-19 quarantine crisis, and Kim, who received military service benefits for winning a gold medal at the Asian Games, was serving an alternative service period. He was worried that if it became known that he had been drinking with a large group of people in violation of the quarantine ban, his personal reputation would be severely damaged ahead of his trip to the United States, so he agreed to the deal.

It’s only a matter of time before the police investigation reveals who’s telling the truth, but there’s another problem. 먹튀검증 It’s possible that Kim wasn’t the only athlete to be ripped off by Lim.

One media outlet, which is primarily representing Kim’s side of the story

Claimed that another big leaguer was blackmailed by Lim this year and paid him a settlement, but it’s not the only one, and there are already rumors circulating in baseball circles that a big leaguer paid Lim a large sum of money. It is even said that the amount of money is bigger than the 400 million won Kim Ha-seong gave her.

Aside from Kim, the only other Koreans playing in the major leagues are Ryu Hyun-jin, Choi Ji-man, and Bae Ji-hwan. If this is true, it means that one of the three paid Lim a huge sum of money, and the baseball world is scrambling to find out what happened.

If it’s true that the money was paid, the mystery is whether it was for violence or something else.

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