Indiana Man Wins $1M Resort Slot Tournament

May 5, a resident of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, won the fifth annual Marquee Millionaire Slot Tournament at Resort M. After three tournament games, a lucky Marquee Rewards member named Richard Ideker became the million-dollar winner with the highest cumulative score.

“We always look forward to the annual Marquee Millionaire Slot Tournament,” said Patrick Durkin, vice president of marketing at M Resort Spa Casino. “We’re constantly introducing a variety of new casino promotions at M Resort, but this is one of the most exciting things. With $1 million being our biggest payout, it’s thrilling to see one of our Marquee Rewards members win the grand prize.”

To get a chance to participate in the tournament, the marquee reward players used events from all over the country at the marquee reward casino. During the tournament weekend, the players enjoyed delicious meals and memorable entertainment as well as exciting game action. Throughout the weekend, the players were awarded free slot play and $10,000 marquee comp. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

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