In the first year of its foundation, it did not sign an agreement with Daegu City.

It has changed since Daegu Mayor Hong Joon Pyo took office.

Korea Gas Corporation and the Daegu Metropolitan Government signed an agreement in September last year, and Korea Gas Corporation leased a weightlifting hall right next to Daegu Gymnasium to use as an office space for coaching staff. The weightlifting hall was a gift from the mayor of Hong Joon Pyo.

In fact, immediately after coming down to Daegu, the Korea Gas Corporation tried to prepare a space where secretariat and coaching staff could work around Daegu Gymnasium, but could not find a suitable place. The coaching staff had no choice but to work in the space in Daegu Bank’s second main building gym.

The problem was that it was not possible to use the internal Internet or install the external Internet for supplementary reasons. Naturally, the inconvenience ensued. Before and after the training, it was a great waste of time that could not be ignored if the time between Daegu Gymnasium and Daegu Bank’s second main branch was accumulated and accumulated.

The lease of a weightlifting center was expected to solve these difficulties at once.

When the bidding announcement was made in December last year to change the weightlifting hall into an office space, all construction was expected to be completed in about two weeks. The plan is bound to go wrong. The construction time is longer than scheduled. It was completed in February.

However, details were needed so that we could actually work here. It had to be designed as a space unique to Gas Corporation and rented and installed office equipment. This work has been delayed for 10 months. During this time, the coaching staff of Gas Corporation prepared for the season at the expense of inconvenience and is playing the game.

The Korea Gas Corporation is currently in the process of finishing the weightlifting center as a space for the Korea Gas Corporation coaching staff.

The Korea Gas Corporation’s electronic procurement system has posted “Professional Basketball Team’s Office Exhibition Planning and Construction Service.” According to an official of the Korea Gas Corporation, “If companies say there is no problem after the disclosure of pre-standard under the National Contract Act, the bidding announcement will be posted through the contract department after internal approval of the plan.”

The pre-standard disclosure was due on the 10th. It is expected to continue to the bidding announcement soon.

According to the released data, the construction period is two months, with the goal of completion at the end of February next year. 메이저사이트

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